10 Best Spark Plugs for 5.7 Hemi Reviews (June 2022 Updated)

The spark plugs are the tiny bolt of lightings that help your engine to produce power. But if you have bad spark plugs in your 5.7 Hemi, it is time for you to get the smooth burn of compressed fuel and air mixture, today!

Trust me, none of these can be the highest quality rather than go for the best spark plugs for 5.7 Hemi! These plugs are added to your engine work for providing electric current to the combustion chamber.

For 5.7L Hemi , you might require to change the spark plugs every 30,000 miles. This is a great opportunity to know which spark plug is the right one for you!

Recommended Spark Plugs for 5.7 Hemi

1. Mopar Set of 16 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Spark Plugs Mopar


When you are dealing with the 5.7 Hemi, this is one of the best spark plugs that we can recommend to you. The 6-inch swivel tool will be the best one if you want to install these spark plugs on your engine.

The package that comes with this kit is neat. The exact part numbers are stated there so that you do not get into any confusion. The best part of installing this spark plug is you will get better mileage cover. The MPG is sure to improve after adding this with your engine.

You will get factory type plugs with it and it performs amazingly. When you will drive the truck, you will know why investing here is worth the money. This the exact OEM replacement at a very reasonable price. These go with so many engines.

Before you buy, check if the spark plugs suit your vehicle or not. These spark plugs fit in the following vehicles;

  • 2009 – 2013 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 2009 – 2013 Dodge Durango
  • 2009 – 2013 Dodge Challenger
  • 2009 – 2013 Chrysler 300
  • 2009 – 2013 Dodge Charger
  • 2009 – 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 2009 – 2010 Jeep Commander
  • 2010 – 2013 Dodge Ram 2500
  • 2011 – 2013 Dodge Ram 3500
  • 2009 Chrysler Aspen

The plugs will come cushioned for protection during the shipment. The design of these plugs also is very high-grade along with the construction.

  • Comes in 16 set pack for a perfect fit
  • High-grade nickel spark plugs
  • Longer lifetime
  • Gains some MPG
  • Neat packaging
  • A couple of plugs require topside creeper
  • The perfect socket is required

2. Bosch Automotive 8162 Double Platinum Spark Plug

There are confusions about these spark plugs as they don’t work the same for every engine. These are great if you have high-performance vehicles. These will be the best one if you have heavy towing demands. In this case, if you are a proud owner of 5.7 Hemi, you can expect this to be great for the engine.

After installing this, you will see that your car will start starting fast. There will be no lag or delay. Also, the truck will run better at higher revs and you will see a better response! As this is constructed with platinum and has iridium, you can rely on the construction of these spark plugs. You can use these for a long time. On the other hand, if you compare the price, this is very cheap!

If you have coughing or spluttering old spark plugs, you must replace them with this one. It fits right with most of the models. There will be no gaping if you go through the list of models that these spark plugs approve!

The Spark plug fit in the following vehicle.

  • CHRYSLER: 2009 Aspen, 2009-16 300;
  • DODGE: 2009-16 Challenger, 2009-17 Charger, 2009, 2011-17 Durango, 2009-10 Ram 1500, 2009-10 Ram 2500, 2009 Ram 3500
  • JEEP: 2009-10 Commander, 2009-18 Grand Cherokee, 2011-17 Ram 1500, 2011-17 Ram 2500, 2011-17 Ram 3500
  • Includes platinum for long lifespan
  • Perfect fit for Hemi 5.7
  • Ideal wire design
  • Starts truck faster
  • Extremely affordable in price
  • Not great for all models
  • Only suggested for the high-performance vehicles


3. NGK LZFR5C-11 Spark Plug

In the list of spark plugs, NGK has been a game-changer. This has the capability of producing the perfect spark that you need for powering up the engine. The price point will amaze you if you compare it with the quality of the product.

The list of best spark plugs for 5.7 Hemi will never be completed without the NGK plugs. It has a chrome finish, so you will not need anti-seize. Also, you will not need any core charges. This is a little short in size but will fit perfectly with the 5.7 Hemi engine. The plug core is made of copper and so, you can already guess the durability of the plugs. These are highly durable for the price point.

This has a gasket seat type. On the contrary, the cold-rolled threads added with the spark plugs can lessen the damage to the cylinder head. Also, for supper heat dissipation, the copper core is beneficial. There is zinc in the construction to ensure that you see no corrosion at all!

These spark plugs have a broader heat range. On the other hand, the craftsmanship also includes silver chromate for longevity. The reach is about 26.5 mm and the thread diameter is about 144 mm.

The spark plugs fit in the following vehicle.

  • 2012 Dodge Durango
  • 2012 Challenger RT
  • 2011 Chrysler
  • Constructed with zinc and silver chromate
  • No corrosion at all
  • Solid copper core for broader heat range
  • No anti-seize required
  • Gasket type seat
  • Might require plug gapper


4. NGK 2262 Spark Plug ZFR5F-11

No matter how much you search for spark plugs, if you want the best bet, it is always safer to settle for the NGK spark plugs. These are the perfect fit for your Hemi 5.7. These spark plugs are basically extended plugs. And the price of these is highly reasonable.

No matter if you have Chrysler, Jeep, or Dodge, you can install these spark plugs and enjoy a better starting off for your truck! This brand will afford you OEM grade products and you won’t need to pay for too much! The best part is the installation. It will not take 15-20 minutes to get installed! Even for beginners, it is very easy!

The interesting fact is, these spark plugs will also help you improve the MPG of your vehicle. There are corrugated ribs added. So, you don’t need to worry about the flashovers anymore! Also, there are triple seals so that no leakage can ruin your truck-day!

The spark plugs have trivalent metal plating. And so, these are corrosion resistant in every situation. Also, it includes anti-seizing properties for your convenience! For better heat transfer, there is a pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator in the spark plugs.

  • Metal plating for durability
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • OEM grade performance
  • Extended plugs with corrugated ribs
  • No flashovers at all
  • Not an iridium plug


5. NGK 5464 BKR5EIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug

Wherever you go through spark plugs that are of iridium, have faith in that! Yes, these are iridium spark plugs to make your starting and journey smooth! If you are tired of rough rides, this can be the healer!  The idle will be smooth like the OEM plugs if you install these plugs. Also, the run will be as smooth as you have always wanted!

There are some additional benefits of these NGK spark plugs. If you run your truck with the spark plugs for some time, you will see a little increment in the fuel economy. Iridium is harder than platinum and so, you can expect that these will last a little longer than regular platinum plugs.

Changing the plugs can be a little tricky because it takes some time. But the installation is easier once you get accustomed to it. It will give a boost to your truck. The perfect tone of a subtle rumble will make you feel better than anything!

There will be no fouling as the long insulator nose is added. Also, there is a triple-gasket seal. So, no gas leakage at all! The fine iridium tip is highly durable. You will get to see improvement in the throttle response too!

  • Iridium spark plugs
  • No gas leakage
  • No fouling and no flashovers
  • Improved throttle response
  • A little improvement in the MPG
  • Installation takes time
  • Requires gas adjustment


6. Champion RE14MCC4 570 Copper Plus Spark Plug

According to the name, you can guess that these plugs are made of copper. On the other hand, this can be the best fit for your 5.7 Hemi. These are very reasonable in price if you compare it to the other high-quality spark plugs.

In the Hemi 5.7, there are two plugs in every cylinder. According to the brand, you need to change your plugs every 30k miles. So, even if you are spending on the platinum or the lifelong spark plugs, that will be of no use. It is better to get durable copper spark plugs like Champion that last moderate but works great!

However, while installing this, you have to gap yourself. These are not too fancy but these are anti-corrosion. You will never face corrosion if you install these. Also, the construction is solid and the design is dependable. If you are dealing with an old vehicle and not getting the ideal spark plugs, be sure to get these spark plugs for you!

  • Great for older vehicles
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Copper tips with electrode constriction
  • A basic and simple model
  • Decent lifetime
  • Reasonably priced
  • Not great for the latest models of trucks


7. Champion 3570 Platinum Power Spark Plugs

No matter what happens, some people cannot ignore the love for platinum spark plugs! And for them, it is better to settle for the platinum plugs that are solid in terms of construction. These Champion platinum plugs are something like that! The tip is made of platinum, so it wears less! The interesting fact is, these spark plugs will last a very long time!

It also includes a heat-active alloy. The work of this is to get to the highest temperature in minimal time! And so, your truck starts fast and runs smoothly! You can rely on the stable operation that you can get from the spark plugs, Also, it is capable of keeping the temperature under the engine loads!

For the better spark, there is the wire-center. Also, the V-trimmed ground helps in creating less spark scatter! As a result, you get better engine performance without worrying about the late acceleration!

Also, if you want a subtle improvement with the use of the new spark plugs, you can get your hands on this one. These can be the right fit for 5.7 Hemi. As it is tough to search for the right fit for Hemi 5.7, you can try this one!

  • Solid platinum plugs
  • Last for a very long period
  • Perfect fit for 5.7 Hemi
  • Improved car performance
  • Adds some MPG
  • Makes the engine too hot


8. ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plugs

These OEM plugs for your 5.7 Hemi can be the ideal one so far. When replacing spark plugs are annoying and full of confusion, these spark plugs can save you.

One fact you need to think about before buying it is gaping it. You might require gaping these plugs to install it properly. However, we don’t recommend gaping it. You can try to apply some anti-seize and install these!

With these installed, your truck will start running better than before. You will never be hesitant when the spotlights show up! It fits right with the Hemi 5.7. This has an iridium tip and it works faster than the other spark plugs. These are designed to last for a long time.

For the quality, the price is very low. The radio frequencies can have an adverse effect on your vehicle electronics. And the best part is, these spark plugs include a piece of suppressor seal for blocking the frequencies.

With the long electrode life, these plugs include seals against combustion leakage. SO, it does a lot for keeping the engine and the vehicle safe!

  • Iridium tip for faster sparks
  • Fits perfectly with 5.7 Hemi
  • Long lifespan
  • Suppressor seal for radio frequencies blocking
  • Sealant against combustion leakage
  • Requires gaping
  • Might damage the tip while gaping


9. APDTY Tune-Up Spark Plugs Kit

For all the Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi users, this is the most loved spark plug of the market! These are also very easy to install for the newbie. If you are tired of running wires or you always liked keeping the process neat and clean, these spark plugs will be your favorite!

Though the installation is easy to understand, it might take some time for you to install if you are not experienced. After installing it, you will see how the perfect fit it affords. This is a quality product at a very reasonable price.

If you are facing that your truck is running terribly then after installing it, there will be a severe improvement in the performance of your vehicle! The fact all the users loved is that this spark plug set comes with 16 different spark plugs and so, the right fit is easier!

Also, there are 8 ignition spiral plug wires for making your work easy. The coil on plug boots is 8 in numbers. For the basic tune-up, whatever you need is included in the set! So, you will not need other accessories for installing it!

  • Comes in a set of 16
  • Required equipment for the installation is added
  • No running wires required
  • Easy and neat installation
  • 8 ignition spiral plugs with 8 coil-on-plug boots included
  • Takes time to install


10. Autolite AP5263-4OK Platinum Spark Plug

We all know that platinum plugs are very sturdy and last for a longer period. And if you are into platinum plugs, these are the must-haves. For these, you will surely need to apply anti-seize. If you want good performance along with some added mileage, you can have faith in this one blindly!

The installation will take more or less 45-50 minutes which is a little more than the regular ones. However, the installing process is easy. The seat type is tapered and the thread diameter is 14 mm. The electrode tip material of this spark plug is made of platinum and so, you get durability and longevity.

There is high nickel alloy added and so, the precise gap is maintained always. In the long run, you will never see any gap erosion as the tip is made of platinum. The center electrode fires faster, so you get faster acceleration. Also, the fuel economy will be improved if you install this one!

  • Solid and durable platinum tip
  • Faster acceleration
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Adds some mileage
  • No gap erosion at all
  • Requires anti-seize
  • Takes time to install


Buying Guide for 5.7 Hemi Spark Plugs

If you have 5.7 Hemi, you already have an amazing engine. But if you want your vehicle to perform a little better and gear up the acceleration speed, new spark plugs can be your best friend.

Let’s know how can you choose the best 5.7 Hemi spark plugs.

Types of Spark Plugs

When it comes to choosing the right spark place for your 5.7 Hemi, you have to know the details of the different types of spark plugs. There are three basic types of spark plugs in the market. Let’s talk about it.

Copper Spark Plugs

The first spark plug that comes in the list is a copper spark plug. These are the original spark plugs and in terms of price, these are very affordable in price.

These can be great if you have older engines and the newer engine requires better spark plugs than copper. Copper is not too tough or durable if you compare it to the other materials of spark plugs.

Platinum Spark Plugs

The next one in the list is the platinum spark plugs that are 10 times stronger than copper. You will see a visible boost in the performance of your vehicle if you add these vehicles.

These go right with both older and newer models of vehicles. Go for double platinum if you don’t like copper or iridium. Double platinum has a longer lifespan.

Iridium Spark Plugs

If you want to settle for something best, you must get the Iridium spark plugs. These spark plugs are great for modern vehicles.

For the best fuel efficiency along with the longest lifespan, Iridium spark plugs can be the gamechanger for you! For the 5.7 Hemi, if you want the best, we always recommend the Iridium spark plugs.

Size and Fit

If you are not getting the right fit spark plugs for your 5.7 Hemi engine, it’s of no use. Go through the size of the thread along with the nuts.

There are threads of 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, etc. Go for the one according to your vehicle model.

Gap Style

Spark plugs are designed for several engine models. If you want to settle for the right Hemi 5.7 spark plugs, you will need to be very conscious.

The perfect gap size for you Hemi 5.7 is 0.43 inches. So, before you buy the spark plugs, you have to make sure that that gap size is right.

Go for a gap gauge for measuring. If you choose something that has not the perfect gap size, make sure that you are free to adjust the spark plugs with a spark plug gapper tool.

FAQs on 5.7 Hemi Spark Plugs

How long should a spark plug last?

The good quality spark plugs will last for 100,000 miles. In rare cases, some will be amazing to travel up to 120,000 miles or so. If you settle for the high-grade platinum or iridium spark plugs, you will see 100,000 miles or more lifespan!

How can you tell when a spark plug is bad?

When you see engine light flashing or getting worse fuel economy, you have to think that the spark plugs are not working perfectly.

Also, if there is any foul smell from the exhaust, you have to check the spark plugs. If your spark plugs are bad, you will see that your truck will take a longer time in acceleration. Also, ticking sound can be a notification for bad spark plugs.

How much does it cost to replace spark plugs?

In most cases, spark plugs are very inexpensive. As these cost less, you should be careful about changing spark plugs within the given time from the manufacturer.

However, according to the manufacturer, you must need to change the spark plugs every 30,000 miles. With everything, spark plug replacement cost $40 to $160 for replacing the spark plugs for your 5.7 Hemi engine.