9 Best spray paint for cars [Ultimate Buyers’ Guide 2022]

We all have this fascination with changing our car color to the best one. Let’s face it; utter satisfaction only comes when you’re actually satisfied with the paint you have on your car. There are many ways to achieve that. One of them is using the best spray paint for cars.

But why the best? Why not any average spray paint? Those who don’t know what best spray paint can actually provide alongside good color shade are that they protect the surface of your car. You can also expect high-quality paint, flexibility of usage, and, most importantly, fast-drying from the best spray paints available online.

Best spray paints for cars Review

The internet is literally loaded with duplicate products. To make your work easy, we have listed 10 of the best automotive spray paint in a can or any other type for your discretion. So, sit back and go through this; you’ll be able to make your decision in no time. Also, in the end, you’ll learn how you can choose to spray paint on your own.

  1. Duplicolor vinyl and fabric coating medium gray 11 oz aerosol
  2. usc spraymax 2k glamour high gloss aerosol clear
  3. Por-15 top coat chassis black spray paint for car
  4. Dupli-color custom wrap effects stellar blue spray paint
  5. Rust-oleum fabric and vinyl spray paint
  6. Rust-oleum stops rust automotive primer spray
  7. Dupli-color trim and bumper paint colors:
  8. Spraymax 3680061 2K Clear coat paint for car
  9. krylon acrylic enamel spray paint, Gloss, Black, 12 oz. (KA8601007)


1. Duplicolor vinyl and fabric coating medium gray 11 oz aerosol

The thing about spray paints is that they are solid particles thrown out in the form of liquid. Being a solid particle, they can dry very quickly. In case of drying up in 30 minutes and being able to handle your car in an hour, it is what the Dupli-color spray paint is famous for.

That’s not the only reason why this is one of the best spray paint for cars. No, sir. There are a lot of other features that it packs within.

When we spray paint our ride, we expect the paint to last for quite a long time because car paint is nothing we can do now and then. So, the best spray paint needs to ensure absolutely no flaking, peeling, and, most importantly, no cracking. That’s one of the specialties of this custom automotive aerosol spray paint.

Most spray paints don’t allow you to use them for both interior and exterior usage. But you can use this one for your interior vinyl or the exterior of your car body.

It’s important for the paint quality inside the can be the best. But the can itself has to be user friendly for you to feel comfortable enough. This item didn’t become the number one bestseller for no reason.

The design of the can contains an EZ touch conical nozzle system, which allows the paint to spray equally on each place. You can ensure the color depth without even trying too hard yourself.

? Pros:
  • No primer required as it is formulated with maximized adhesion promoter
  • The paint is completely waterproof
  • Can spray on the plastic parts of the cars and leaves a very smooth finish
  • Suitable for different metals and even on furniture; worked perfectly
  • Can paint leather seats
? Cons:
  • It was reported by many customers to be imperfect for car wheels
  • Many have used it on fabric, people have said that it feels stiffy

2. usc spraymax 2k glamour high gloss aerosol clear

Now spray max is a name that you can ask every spray paint enthusiast about. Spray max has made a name for themselves by selling the most high-quality spray paints that you can find worldwide and all over the internet.

Spray Max’s one of the best-selling products is the USC spray Max 2K Clearcoat Aerosol high gloss spray paint, which comes with two packs at once. This one probably is the best custom automotive aerosol spray paint that you can buy now from Amazon or any other marketplace.

Most people are pretty concerned about how they can perfect the use of aerosol spray paint. Spray max made things easy as if they took an oath to.

All you have to do with this one is to activate, shake well, and get the game going as in spray. That’s all you have to do to give your car an absolutely stunning high-quality spray paint finish.

Water and weather resistance is something now every spray paint comes with and promises. But that’s not the real concern you have. The real concern is whether it’s chemical resistant or not.

Because there might be harmful chemicals floating around the air from which you can save yourself by wearing a mask. But what about your ride?

Nothing to worry about because these cans come with high-quality paint that ensures chemical resistance alongside weather resistance.

? Pros:
  • Usually, spray paints don’t take much time to dry off. This one is even faster in drying from its competitors
  • The can is designed in a way that you can use the spray paint as easy as they come
  • Ideal for painting leather seats
  • Gives a very glossy finish without even have to polish the car
? Cons:
  • Though the paint hardens really quick, you cannot polish the car if you want to for 7 to 10 days.
  • The paint dries within 48 hours of opening the can.

3. Por-15 top coat chassis black spray paint for car

Usually, spray paint on metal requires you to spray the metal with primer at first for the paint to hold. The same goes for your car. You can’t just grab any spray paint and start spraying and expect your car to look exactly like you wanted it to. So, what do you do? You get yourself a primer.

Thanks to modern manufacturers, spray paints now come with primer cans.

But POR-15 just upped their game. They have created a formula that allows their base spray paint to stick to metal and your car body or car chassis without using a primer spray prior.

We sometimes think that the more paint there is in a can, that helps us cover more area. But the truth is the paint has to have a certain thickness for you to cover more area with less paint. That’s why this one enables you to apply one 14 fl. OZ can go over 30-40 square footage.

Cheap spray paints are subjected to melt in high heat. Most manufacturers blame UV rays for causing that.

They have reported having their products tested to go through high heat situations and remain as it is. That’s why POR-15 comes with a UV protection coat.

? Pros:
  • Make your car looking good and polished.
  • Allows you to cover almost 40 square feet, which is an excellent deal considering the price.
  • It’s effortless to use as spray paint. The first layer can dry within 60 minutes of applying.
  • Ultraviolet ray protection saves your paint from fading and melting on some occasions.
  • You can use this both on the car body and chassis.
? Cons:


  • Clients have reported that it says 15 fl. OZ, but they are delivered 14 fl.OZ can, which is a very serious acquisition, and the company still hasn’t given any reply to it.
  • Unlike other spray paints, you cannot feel independent enough with this one. It’s limited to metal usage only. It’s advertised as a chassis spray paint.

4. Dupli-color custom wrap effects stellar blue spray paint

Dupli-color is a name that everyone can trust blindly. Their basic spray paint is the best seller product almost all over the internet. Especially on Amazon, they have a name for themselves.

The Custom Wrap stellar blue is another product that they are proud of. If you want to give your car a stellar blue wrap effect, this is the one you need.

They have added this name to the product that it’s removable. Is this bad news? The answer is not at all. Removable means you don’t have to struggle like usual when you remove other paint finishes from your car.

But the paint remains intact for 6 months, which is an excellent bargain considering the price and the convenience.

How did they manage this convenience? Spray paints are usually hard on the surface. Usually, to remove them, you need 300 or 400-grade sandpaper and a very extreme hard labor to get every millimeter of that paint you once did yourself or made someone else do for you.

But that’s the catch; the custom wrap effect is not just a color option; it comes with an EZ peel technology, which duplicolor calls it. When it’s time for you to change your paint, you can simply peel off the paint starting from any end you like.

? Pros:
  • Works fine on car wheels, Chrome mouldings, and also, you can use them to ad vinyl.
  • Someone tried it on headlights, and the color was reported to be so deep that it covered the whole light. This means the color coating is really thick.
  • Temporary removable paints don’t usually last for more than 3-4 months, but this has longevity of 6 months.
  • If you’re not looking for a permanent color change for your car, this is exactly what you need because you can spray this over the previous color and peel off when necessary.
  • The EZ peel-off technology makes things really easy for you or anyone.
? Cons:
  • Some people have complained about the nozzle to be too small for applying the spray evenly
  • The quantity of color is not sufficient; you might need more paint than advertised

5. Rust-oleum fabric and vinyl spray paint

The product name that contains the word fabric means it’s a car spray paint especially made for car fabrics. This means you can use this on car panels, Seats’ Vinyl, etc. The best part about this product is that it actually contains vinyl. That ensures maximum flexibility for you to work.

Most spray paints rely on the hardening and quick dry for them to stick to the car’s body or the fabrics. What they fail to understand that hardening also causes the paint elements to shrink.

So, the shrinking can only be evaded if the paint quality inside is outstanding. Other than that, there’s an even better solution, which Rust-Oleum provides.

You see, the paint itself contains non-damaging strong adhesive materials that force the paint to stick to the body and grab the exact place where the paint is sprayed on. This makes the paint even more reliable than the most selling products online.

Now, when other companies are making their spray cans bigger, why does this one say 11 ounces on the bottle? Can this little guy stand out in the game? Yes, absolutely.

This little guy can spray 12 sq feet, which is considered standard according to the paint amount and area ratio.

That’s not all; the adhesion technology also secures the peeling off, cracking of the paint over time. So, durability is kind of maxed out.

? Pros:
  • Specially made for car fabric usage, but not limited to fabrics only. You can use this on the car body as well.
  • The tip is really comfortable and designed in a way that you can evenly spray from any angle.
  • The pre-mixed adhesive material ensures a non-cracking, non-peeling smooth and perfect finish for a long time.
  • Extreme durability and flexibility maintained by Strong adhesive and vinyl
  • Coverage is standard though the paint amount in the can is less.
? Cons:
  • Thin layer coating might cause the paint to damage quickly. So, you might need an extra coating to ensure the durability
  • Soft products are reported to be stiffy after drying

6. Rust-oleum stops rust automotive primer spray

One thing that no car spray paint doesn’t promise is rust protection. Why would they? Because cars don’t attract rust. However, the chassis can attract rust because of the whole steel iron issue. But the body doesn’t attract rust because of the whole aluminum and duralumin issue.

Still, it’s wise to put rust protection as necessary merit because we don’t really limit our use of car spray paints or primers to cars only.

Rust-oleum only promises that. That’s why people are comfortable enough to use this flat light gray primer as a primary paint product for metals, including both home and car chassis. Because it directly helps to fight the rust from coming back. Directly prevents the decaying of steel in the hands of rust.

Due to the color, you kind of get to use this as a white spray paint for cars. But that’s not why a primer is used. Primer is used to create a baseline for you to start the real spraying.

That means if you don’t concentrate well enough on the primer, you might as well drop the idea of spray painting altogether because that’s the way of doing it properly.

? Pros:
  • Very high-quality primer that works even better than other best-selling ones.
  • Suitable for any metal object you have at home as well.
  • The area coverage is pretty sweet. You can expect a 12 sq feet coverage with proper usage.
  • It provides a very smooth baseline finish for you to start the actual spray work.
  • The flat grey finish itself is a lovely color. You can easily topcoat it with any color you want or leave it as it is.
? Cons:
  • Some users have reported the tip problem, which can induce fatigue if not taken necessary breaks while spraying
  • Again the tip problem induces a very narrow spray line.

7. Dupli-color trim and bumper paint colors

Dupli-color is known for its high-end car-related products. Alongside any other product, their spray paints have the guts to stand out in the market because most of them are the best sellers. One of these best-selling products is the trim and bumper renewers spray paint black.

Yes, the name says the color code, it’s black. You can use it directly on your worn-out bumpers and some metallic trims that your car has to make it look good as new.

The black color itself has a very bold look. It’s the color of elegance. But what makes this color even more better is that it has a certain depth feel that converts any worn-out trimming or bumper into a newly installed one within a blink of an eye.

? Pros:
  • Superior adhesion technology from dupli-color provides extra strength to the coating.
  • The first layer dries within 15 minutes of applying, and you can start handling without the fear of the spread.
  • Fan nozzle system is a beauty of its own, ensuring proper spraying all-over the body.
  • You can expect an even coating with novice hands with three layers only
? Cons:
  • Some reported it to be too glossy for bumper and trim paint
  • Pre cleaned parts were reported to be spotty after spraying them in open places.

8. Spraymax 3680061 2K Clear coat paint for car

Spray paint cans are never as efficient as spray guns. But a little nozzle upgrade can give you exactly what you want. The spraymax 3680061 2K can ensure spray gun level painting experience. Many users have loved how accurate results you can get from a mere paint spray can.

Most spray paints are usually glossy initially and create a more matte-like finish in the end. But spraymax 2k clear coat results are absolutely stunning. It provides a factory-grade high-quality glossy finish.

Spray paints mostly never guarantee any chemical resistance. They guarantee weather resistance, which has already become a common quality in every spray paint you can buy.

But spraymax always turns heads by adding a little extra in their qualities. This aerosol spray can contain high-quality paint that ensures the chemical resistance of factory-grade.

? Pros:
  • The can nozzle makes the can spray paint feel like a spray gun and provides a long-lasting spray gun-like glossy finish
  • Comes with a chemical resistance along with weather resistance
  • It is effortless to apply on any surface
  • No yellowing whatsoever after applying on headlights and tail lights
  • Reviewed as a very easy to use product
? Cons:
  • Some have complained against the product that it’s hazardous
  • The can itself is very delicate; advised to store with care

9. krylon acrylic enamel spray paint, Gloss, Black, 12 oz. (KA8601007)

The only acrylic enamel on the list is from Krylon. This product is so adored that it mostly remains temporarily out of stock.

When this is available, people mostly don’t go for any other similar spray paints. Because at this price, this is probably the best Acrylic Enamel glossy black color spray paint that you can buy online.

The nozzle and the build of the can allow you to spray from any direction you want. Provided the spraying angle is correct for the surface, you can get excellent results from every angle.

Wood surfaces do not spray paint friendly. The thickness of spray paint is never ideal for wood. Because wood mostly soaks in the paint and what you are left with is an uneven finish.

But Acrylic paint can do the job because wood cannot absorb acrylic enamel. Therefore, you get an equal glossy finish on the wood surface as well as metal and fiberglass.

? Pros:
  • You can easily use it on metals, wood and fiberglass
  • It can be used as a primer as with 120 grit sandpaper; you can easily remove this and prepare your object for coating
  • Fast-drying enables you to do multiple coatings in a concise span of time
  • It was tested on aluminum for adhesion, and turns out it has immense adhesive power to hold itself on the surface and avoid cracks and peel
  • Ideal for using as a guide coat over other light primer colors to protect them
? Cons:
  • Many shipped cans were faulty and clogged within 10 seconds of usage, were replaced immediately though
  • Professional spray painters have limited its usage to normal touch-ups only

Buyers Guide: best spray paint for cars in 2020

Things you need to look for before buying the best spray paint for cars

Not every spray paint out there is suitable for you. Probably even the best one on this list is not the one you’re looking for.

So, you should know how you can make your own choice while buying the best spray paint for cars because you can’t really rely on a generalized review. So, focus on the following factors, and you’ll be good to go.

1. Your car Body:

If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of your car, you cannot really identify if there’s any difference between car bodies or not. The truth is that not every car body is the same.

Though they might feel the same, they aren’t. So, before buying any spray paint, get an idea of what sort of body part material you’re dealing with.

If you don’t calculate this and end up buying any random spray paint, it will be a total waste of money. Let me enlighten you with an example.

For instance, your car body is made of standard duralumin, which is the most common car body material. But the spray paint you bought works well on iron or steel.

So, what you’re doing basically is, going for the wrong product. This will cause two things to happen. First, you’ll get disappointed in the product you bought and lose your trust in the company and secondly, you will end up wasting money.

So, it’s better to know about the surface you will use your spray paint on and buy it accordingly.

2. Durability:

You can buy any spray paint that you want. From the internet or a physical store, you can buy from anywhere. But how can you determine the quality of it?

Any spray paint you buy from anywhere will give you this verbal durability guarantee, but only the good ones will be able to keep their word.

Unless you want to spray paint your car now and then, it’s evident that you research, compare, review and get opinions before buying any spray paint if durability is in question.

3. Drying time duration

Not every spray paint has a standard drying time set. However, every can says that it can dry within 15 minutes of use. You will definitely know it’s a scam right after you used it and wasted your money.

This isn’t solely about the money. Yes, money is a concern. But sometimes, you might have set a specific time frame to finish your work.

And the spray paint you bought promised a 15 minute drying time, which was bogus. So, it’ll end up wasting something even more important than money, your time, and your workforce.

This is a thing that you have to consider while buying a spray paint can and go through real people’s opinions like ourselves and direct buyers who have bought their products from marketplaces.

4. Thickness of the Paint

You buy spray paint, spray it once, the results aren’t the one you expected. So, what do you do? You coat it once more; still, it’s the same. You redo the process once again, and guess what, it’s still the same.

Why? Because the spray paint you bought wasn’t supposed to give you the proper thickness you’re expecting it to give, it’s a thin paint.

So, buy according to your necessity. You want thick paint; buy one which has a better thickness.

5. Final Finishing color

Suppose you want your car to look shiny. So, what you need to buy is spray paint that delivers a glossy finish in the end.

Instead, you bought a spray paint with a metallic finish, acrylic enamel, wrap texture, or even matte color.

You completed your work, didn’t get the expected result, and, therefore, got disappointed about wasting money and time.

So, now what do you need to do? You need to know exactly which finishing color you are looking for and research to find out which spray paint can deliver that finishing perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1. Is it a good idea to spray paint a car?

Answer: Spray painting is not an easy task. Also, spray paint cans are reported to have many faults that have deliberately created problems while someone was spray painting their car.

But this happens only when people buy random spray paints from anywhere. If you can manage yourself to buy the best spray paint for cars, it’s definitely an excellent idea to paint a car.

Question 2. How do I get a smooth finish with spray paint?

Answer: You can manage this in two ways. Firstly, what you can do is spray paint your car with several layers. Each layer protects and covers up the problems of the previous one.

It’s expensive but effective. Secondly, you will spray paint your car with 3 layers, at least.

So, even if after that, your car doesn’t have a smooth texture, use 120 grit sandpaper to smoothen the uneven places after the car has completely dried.

Question 3. Should you sand between coats of spray paint?

Answer: People tend to do this only when they are trying to rush to a conclusion. But what they are actually doing is ruining their hard work. So, do not sand between coats.

Lay on several layers that you will eventually have to. The regular practice is 3 layers. You can do more if you’re not satisfied.

But do not sand in between the coating. Always sad after you have completed your spraying altogether.