FCS Struts Review: Does It Promise An OEM Quality?

FCS struts are very popular in the community for their quality and competitive pricing. That is why I have decided to do FCS struts review with 3 of the best model’s recommendations (you will find that at the end of the article).

Here, you will know who is the manufacturer, whether they are as good as they are advertised, and a comparison with other popular brands. So, let’s not make decisions based on gossips and know the facts. 

Let’s have a quick look at my top picked FCS Struts:

FCS 1335793 Complete Strut Assembly – Most Premium Choice

FCS 1332306L Complete Strut Assembly – Best Budget

FCS 1335793 Complete Strut Assembly – Most Premium Choice

Who Makes FCS Struts?

FCS struts are made by FCS Automotive International, one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket ride control products. They have their own manufacturing warehouse in the heart of automotive America, in Detroit, Michigan. 

In the vast facility, they’re manufacturing monotube shocks, bare struts, shock absorbers, steering dampers, lift supports, coilover kits, and coil springs, complete strut assemblies. And these products are ISO9001, and TS16949 certified, as they are proven to restore a vehicle’s original ride, control, and handling.

Are FCS Struts Any Good?

With a highly trained and dedicated engineering team and state-of-the-art quality control, the FCS struts have got the OE benchmark pedigree for its quality. 

Continuously thriving for performance and customer satisfaction, they have engineered complete strut assemblies. As installing the traditional struts is difficult and time-consuming, their complete strut assembly unit comes to the rescue. 

It’s faster, easier, and safer to install without taking apart the existing strut assembly. On top of that, you won’t be needing any specialized mounting tools or compress coil springs. 

As it meets and exceeds OE quality specifications, it will improve your vehicle’s steering, handling, and braking ability, just like the actual equipment. 

Moreover, it minimizes wear and tear on tires and other components by absorbing the impact of the unevenness of the road. Being the direct manufacturers, the overhead cost is reduced, so their struts are super affordable even if you’re on a tight budget. 

FCS Struts Review 

Now coming to my honest review. When I look at the struts, they look amazing because of the mirror-finished body. Not only great aesthetics, but also it provides ease of installation. It doesn’t come with any spring compressor.

As a result, the installation is easy and simple. You’ll be done with fitting them in less than two hours. It perfectly fits perfectly, which is one of the main reasons people prefer FCS struts. 

These struts and shocks are of OE or Original Equipment quality. This means these aftermarket products offer the same or even better quality than the original parts that came with your vehicle. 

So, if you’re trying to improve ride quality by reducing vibrations, go for them. They’re great at absorbing the impacts of uneven roads and potholes. 

Do you know which are the FCS products I would like to suggest and why? Scroll down to learn!

3 Best FCS Struts:

I prefer their complete strut assembly units to the traditional struts because installing them is more hassle-free and quicker. So, here I have reviewed the best 3 of them. Also, before buying the parts, make sure to check they are compatible with your model. 

You can take help from the part finder of their website too. Just input your make and model, it will tell you which products are for you. 

FCS 1332319R Complete Strut Assembly – Best Overall

Getting proper control and balance over your vehicle is a tough job if you’re driving off-road or in rough terrain. But not with the FCS 1332319R struts; after fitting them, you’ll immediately notice an improvement in ride quality. S

o, you can go faster, even on the most challenging roads, without losing balance. Also, the manufacturers specially designed it to improve steering, handling, and braking ability.

As a primary manufacturer and leader in North American aftermarket ride control products, you can surely trust them. Users reviewed it to be easy installing and excellent fitting. But it won’t fit the driver’s side as it’s made for the passenger side. 

Also, it’s a bit heavy, so it’s better to take help from someone. Other than that, it’s a one-person’s job, and it will take about an hour per wheel, including the wheel removal and replacement. 

After installment for the first few rides, you might hear knocking and clicking noise. Don’t worry, it will fade away eventually.

FCS 1332306L Complete Strut Assembly – Best Budget

This one is another innovative design strut assembly that comes from FCS Automotive, the North American leading brand for aftermarket struts and shock parts. 

With advanced technology, outstanding production facility, and strict quality control, these products are proven to restore a vehicle’s original ride performance. It can withstand an extensive temperature range. 

So, no matter what speed you’re driving at, it will last long and smoothen your journey. 

Again, the body comes with heavy-duty construction and an aesthetically pleasing mirror finish on top of it. For excellent motion absorption, they have used the gas-charged design as the gas doesn’t compress easily. 

And, to ensure that there won’t be any gas leaking problem, they have used NOK sealing too. The users have got no installation issues or fitment problems. 

Also, the price of the products is incredibly cost-effective, which made them satisfied too. The off-road drivers informed that they could take larger bumps and dips without fear of scraping the underside of their car. 

So, if your suspension system is not functioning properly, these are a fine budget replacement that you can consider.

FCS 1335793 Complete Strut Assembly – Most Premium Choice

This FCS 1335793 has won many car owners’ hearts with its structural integrity along with the high-performance features. Each assembly included a gas-charged MacPherson mirror-finished strut with NOK seals, hard-chrome piston rod.  

The hard chrome piston rod is made to handle the shocks and the impacts on the road ahead. For its smooth functioning, the manufacturers have used top-notch quality Japanese oil. 

All these brilliant features and heavy-duty construction ensure a great seal, long-life, and consistent dampening over a wide range of temperatures. 

One of the main reasons I like FCS struts is, it has no compatibility issues. Unlike the generic struts, these are tailor-made, calibrated according to the valve combination of your vehicle. 

So, if you confirm your make and model on their website, they’ll suggest the right part for you. The users find this product to be an amazing deal for a budget-friendly price. So, upgrade your ride with these FCS parts to protect your tires and other components from wear and tear. 


Comparison of FCS Struts with Other Manufacturers 

Now, to give you a clearer concept, I’ll present you head to head comparison of FCS struts with the other high-performance struts in the market. 

FCS vs Monroe

Both are of OE quality, so there won’t be a problem with any of them to get the seamless fit and restore the vehicle’s original braking and handling capability. 

Again, two of them are equally easy to install. The Monroe works better in all-weather conditions because of the fluid used in it. FCS lacks slightly in doing equally well on every weather condition like its counterpart. On top of that, it’s heavier too.

But the Monroe struts are for well build roads. On the other hand, FCS shows fast absorbency and quick response even on rougher and bumpy terrain. Moreover, the price is super budget-friendly too.

FCS vs Gabriel

Both of them have ready mount strut assembly that requires no extra tool to install or a spring compressor. Two of them can do a brilliant job in shortening your vehicle’s response time to commands and handling such as braking, steering, and changing lanes. But the Gabriel is expensive, whereas you will be getting the same quality and performance from the FCS at a much more reasonable price. Again, Gabriel may not perform as well in colder seasons like its counterpart. Also, it’s relatively heavy too. Lastly, it’s not manufactured in the USA.


Unlike the FCS, which comes preassembled, the KYB shocks and struts are difficult to install without professional help or any prior experience. Even the KYB kits don’t come along with all the necessary mounting tools, so you might need to rush to the store if you don’t have them. 

But the downside of FCS is it’s stiffer than KYB. While FCS does a great job in rough terrains but the KYB struts won’t let you notice even the smallest unevenness of the road ahead.



FCS has the technical expertise, a proficient engineering team, a precise quality control system, and an outstanding production facility. Struts and shocks are their core area of expertise, their products have strictly maintained the OE standard. 

So, when it comes to building a reliable suspension system, you can definitely trust them. I hope my FCS struts review has helped you to know the brand and its products well. So, if you need an upgrade, there’s no harm in trying these dependable struts at an affordable price.