How to Clean Cold Air Intake Filter

When you are allowing cold air intake in your car, you are surely planning to get improved horsepower in your car. If your car is going through this process, it is certified that the airflow through the filter will be increased. As a result, there will be more dust, dirt and grime build up on the air filter of your car.

But in this case, if you want to clean it up, you must know that the process is easy. Do you know how to clean cold air intake filter? Here, we have mentioned a step by step easy process for this. Have a look.

Learn how to clean cold air intake filter

Step 1: Detaching the Clamps

In the first step, you have to open the hood. So, you have to open the hood of your car. Then you have to take out the filter from inside so that you can clean that. For this, first, open the hood and detach the filter form your car. Before it, you have to detach the rings or the clamps. These clamps are used for keeping the filter in the right place.

After opening the hood, you will see the air filter. According to the vehicle, the shape and the type of vehicle may vary. You can see filters that are flat and you can also see filters that are conical or circular! It completely depends on the vehicle you own.

Step 2: Keep away Loose Dirt

When you are working with the filter, we can assure you that you will go through severe dirt and dust. And for the protection of your body, eyes, and nose, you have to make sure that you get a proper glass and required clothes to keep the dust and dirt away. Otherwise, the dirt and dust will irritate your eyes and nose while working.

Now that you are done taking out the filter, you have to move your importance to the dirt on the filter. You have to shake the filter to get away from the loose dirt all over the filter. Here, the best way is to rely on a soft-bristled brush and brush away all the dust and dirt that is over the air filter. Do the process carefully otherwise you will end up damaging the filter of your car.

Step 3: Use of Filter Cleaner

Air filter cleaner is the best way to clean the air filter after the dirt is removed. So, all you have to do is take an air filter cleaner and spray it. You can get different branded air filter cleaner in the market. Go for anyone that can do the work.

Spray it all over the air filter and wait. You have to give the air filter some time. After 10-12 minutes, you will be able to touch the filter.

Step 4: Rinse Air Filter

Now that you are done with spraying the air filter spray on the filter, you have to rinse the filter. The basic work of the air filter spray is to remove the contaminants and then make the filter ready for the rinsing process.

For this process, you have to rely on cool water. Now you can rinse the filter with cool water. But don’t forget to keep the water pressure low so that all the dirt and dust from the filter gets removed appropriately. Your main concern here is to clean the deposited residue that is on your filter. All you have to remember while cleaning is to clean the filter form inside and out and make sure that no place has a little dirt or dust on it.

Step 5: Dry the Filter Out

So, now, you have already done the rinsing process with the help of the cool and low water pressure,  you have to move to dry the filter out. For making the air filter dry, you have to shake off the filter gently. With this move, the additional water on the filter will get out of it. After slow shakes for some minutes, you have to let the filter dry on its own.

When it comes to drying the filter, you have to afford the time. You cannot expect it to get dried out within minutes. Let the filter sit and get dried overnight. Throughout the night, it will slowly get dried and then, you can start the next step the following day.

Step 6: Oiling the Filter

Check the air filter if it is completely dry or not. If you let it dry the whole night, the probability is it is completely dry. Now, you have to emphasize applying oil to the air filter. Here, you must know that there are two different forms of oil for the air filter. You will get oil for air filter in a squeeze bottle and then, you will also get aerosolized spray as oil for the car filter.

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If you settle for the squeeze bottle, you have to certify that the oil you are applying is reaching every pleat. While you are using the aerosolized spray, keep the spray a few inches away to cover the whole filter. It is important to spread the oil uniformly to all the pleats to get the filter ready. There will surely be some excess oil. To clean it, you can use a paper towel.

Step 7: Give it a Break

After applying the oil, let the filter rest for some time. You have to give the filter time so that the oil can sit. Before you are moving to the next step, take 20-25 minutes of rest so that the oil you have provided can sit on the filter.

Wrap Up

With this process, you will be able to clean the cold air filter easily and in a small amount of time. Now, if you want to replace the air filter, you can do it. If you want to put the same filter, you can still do it too. When the whole process is done, you will surely see the improvement in the horsepower, we bet!

To improve horsepower and get a better result while driving, you must know how to clean cold air intake filter. Share your funny stories of cleaning cold air filter with us in the comment box! Till then, stay home, stay safe!