5 Best Seafoam Reviews in 2022

Seafoam or seafoam spray is a familiar name for most vehicle users and owners. It is the oldest trustworthy brand that offers specially formulated sprays that clean the engine’s dirty residues and deposits to increase its efficiency.

But the brand has introduced and launched various additive fuel sprays, which may create confusion in your mind to decide which one will be perfect for your vehicle’s engine.

Therefore, in today’s article, I have chosen seafoam as my discussion topic, where I will be explaining everything you need to know about seafoam fuel cleaning treatment. Also, along with the basic information, I will add short seafoam reviews of its top-rated product to make your task easier and quicker.

What Is Seafoam?

Seafoam is the oldest and trusted fuel cleaning treatment on the market for more than 70 years now. Sea Foam is a specially formulated treatment to safely and slowly re-liquefy any gum, sludge, varnish, and carbon deposits from the hard parts in your car or vehicle’s engine so they can be flushed out of the system.

Sea Foam can be described as a specific fuel type that improves your vehicle’s efficiency when the fuel and oil get contaminated by constant use. In case fuel has been left in the car’s system for too long, it can begin to break down and produce gummy residue forms on the fuel lines, pump, carburetor, and fuel injection lines.

These deposits can be harmful to your car’s performance, and seafoam cleans the fuel and oil residues and deposits.

Who Makes Seafoam?

Mr. Fred Frendrei, a petroleum industry sales representative, formed the Sea Foam Sales Company in around 1930. Mr. Fred was very keen to invent a safe and effective product to help the engines and equipment run cleaner and last longer.

To fix the fishing motor’s fuel-related problems, he invented a formula that would help the fuel stay healthy by cleaning the build-up residues and sludge deposits inside the system and helping the motor run more efficiently.

That formula quickly became popular among Fred’s fishing friends, which encouraged him to step up and sell to other local fishers. He also named that formula seafoam, which eventually became the company and brand name too.

Eventually, this company has become one of the most trusted fuel cleaning treatment manufacturers and sellers in North America.

What Does Seafoam Do?

The primary purpose of using seafoam spray on your vehicle fuel system and the engine is to clean the dirty residues and deposits and lubricate your entire fuel system.

When you are using the vehicle for a long period over the years, your engine and fuel system will fill with carbon and sludges inside, which may clog the fuel system and causes your engine to break down at some point eventually.

Seafoam will help you to avoid such an incident by deeply cleaning the sludge deposits beforehand.

Besides, it can be a great alternative since cleaning the internal engine parts is a really difficult and time-consuming task if you consider the manual way. Because then you have to pull out the entire engine and do the part by par deep cleaning. After that, install the engine inside of your vehicle again.

What Are The Ingredients Of Seafoam?

Seafoam is composed of three specially blended petroleum oils, and each is having specific functions like lubricating, cleaning, or moisture control. The main ingredients of seafoam formulated treatment are pail oil (diesel Fuel, Automatic transmission fluid), light motor oil, Napatha, and alcohol.

And if we consider each ingredient’s proportion, then it comprises 40% of pail oil, 25% to 35% of Napatha, and 10% to 20% alcohol. The seafoam motor and seafoam trans tune have the same ratios but have used the same main ingredients with different ratio portions for seafoam brands’ other products.

Seafoam Reviews – My Honest Opinions

The seafoam sales company has several products for the cleaning treatment of fuel systems and engines, but if you find it difficult to compare and pick the right one for your vehicle, look at my seafoam reviews below.

I have listed the top 5 seafoam products with each product’s features, pros, and cons for your reference.

1. Sea Foam Sf-16 Motor Treatment

  • Sea Foam cleans fuel injectors and carburetor passageways
  • Cleans intake valve and chamber deposits
  • Stabilizes gas and diesel fuels up to 2 years
  • Works in crankcase oil to liquefy harmful residues and deposits
? Pros:
  • Great cleaning capacity and easy to use.
  • A safe and effective product developed for both gasoline and diesel engine vehicles, either four-stroke or two-stroke.
  • Works well on old vehicles too.
? Cons:
  • Cans may come dented or damaged during shipment
  • Particularly great for high mileage fuel systems and engines.


Based on most customer reviews, this one tends to be affordable and easy to use, which means you do not need a mechanic’s help to apply it.  Therefore,  it will be a great deal to get a quality product at a reasonable price.

2. Sea Foam SS14 Cleaner And Lube:

  • Cures hesitation, stalls, pings, flat spots, and rough idle due to carbon build-up
  • Use to fog and protect intake and cylinder areas during storage
  • Helps pass emission tests, EPA registered
? Pros:
  • The oxygen sensor is safe and also safe for use on Teflon parts.
  • Noticeable difference straight after applying
  • Works great for direct injection engines.
? Cons:
  • Produce a high amount of white Smoke
  • Straw tends to pop out from the nozzle


It does a great job to get rid of the build-up carbon deposits or specks of dirt that may stay in your direct injection system, but the applying process is slightly different from the earlier one because you have to spray it instead of pouring. So, if you are okay with these features, go ahead.

3. Sea Foam Trans Tune Tt16:

  • Helps fluid systems work smoother and last longer
  • Dissolves and liquefies harmful gum and varnish build-up in fluid
  • Safe and effective in most automatic transmission fluid, hydraulics, or power steering fluid systems

? Pros:

  • Controls moisture
  • Safe for conventional and synthetic fluids
  • Will not swell seals or harm gaskets, O-rings, or clutch material
? Cons:
  • Only designed for automatic systems
  • Effectivity may stay for a short span
  • It can be a bit toxic to handle


Trans tune seafoam is a moisture-proof formula that offers a helpful all-rounder refresher for most high-pressure systems. But it can be toxic to apply and handle, so be careful when dealing with it.

4. Seafoam Extreme Marine & Rv Dc-14:

  • A quick-acting, petroleum-based formula and powerful penetrating and lubricating oil
  • Works fast to break the tension of the metal surface.
  • Releases tough parts from rust and corrosion.
? Pros:
  • Loosens lubricates, cleans, and protects parts and mechanisms.
  • Use in-store or at home and universal fit type
  • Can resist evaporation and keeps fluid under extreme heat or cold.
? Cons:
  • It may not work in a faulty system
  • Be aware of using it on guns


This spray helps your power kit to run cleaner and also lasts longer, so if you are thinking about your boat or marine engine cleaning, then without any doubt, this one will work better.

5. Sea Foam Marine Pro:

  • Cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system.
  • Reduces long-term engine wear and helps protect against corrosion caused by ethanol & water
  • Can stabilize the tank fuel up to 2 years
? Pros:
  • Helps the marine engine to start faster, run smoother, and last longer.
  • It does not contain any alcohol or other harmful chemical.
  • Safe and effective in all two and four-stroke gasoline marine engines
? Cons:
  • Extends the life of boat engine or motor.
  • It can be used as a storage fuel treatment
  • Cans can be dented


Marine PRO is the newest update for marine engine cleaning treatment from the seafoam brand. It works in every fuel tank and can work through fuel injectors and carburetors to safely remove harmful engine residues and deposits, so if this matches your requirement, you can consider it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is seafoam safe?

Generally, seafoam is made of petroleum ingredients, safe and effective for all types of gasoline or diesel fuel systems and engines. Seafoam does not contain any harsh detergent or abrasive chemicals, so it is not supposed to harm your engine or fuel system.

Is seafoam bad for your engine?

As I have mentioned before, seafoam is made from highly-refined petroleum, which means it does not contain any harmful ingredients to harm your vehicle’s engine. But if you use seafoam in your crankcase, then it can be wrong because pouring seafoam with the oil makes the fuel system less protective as before, and the oil gets clogged, which ultimately results, the engine to starved of oil.

Should I use seafoam in my gas tank?

Yes, you should. Experts suggest that the more seafoam you pour into the fuel, the better it cleans your system. Also, seafoam is made from petroleum ingredients safe for gasoline or diesel fuels and fuel blends.

How quickly does seafoam work?

You can wait for five to fifteen minutes, and the seafoam will soak into the deposit build-up. Now you can restart the engine again.

Does Seafoam clean spark plugs?

The plugs will clear themselves out with a good hard run after you use the cleaner. Apply Sea Foam Spray through fuel injection throttle bodies to clean harmful engine deposits from intake valves and combustion chamber areas. Use Sea Foam Spray to fog engines and coat spark plug cavities to protect your engine during storage.


The seafoam brand has already made it clear that they have a wide range of product lines to eliminate the motors or engine fuel-related problems, especially the clogging and over build-up carbon disputes issues.

And I hope my seafoam reviews will help you make the right purchase decision if you are looking for a better cleaning solution.

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