The Ultimate Guide To The Best Light Bar For Jeep Wrangler

The tough Jeep Wrangler is the ultimate off-road machine. For its heaps of suspension articulation, you can literally go anywhere you want. And I am quite sure you had experienced a lot of tricky off-road situations. 

In these circumstances, headlights can’t do so much and aren’t particularly powerful. Aftermarket off-road LED bar lights, however, can make a big difference when it comes to seeing what’s ahead of you and surrounding you.

As there is a boatload of LED lighting products out there for them to choose from, it can be overwhelming for you to select. Fret not! I have narrowed down the 5 best light bars for the jeep wrangler. Scroll down, and I hope my in-depth reviews make your selection process easy. 

<b>Take a look at my top recommended light bars for Jeep Wrangler: </b>
  1. KC HiLites 338 C-Series C50 50″ LED Light Bar – The Most Popular For Its High-Performance
  2. YITAMOTOR 52″ inch 300W Combo kit – Affordable Combo kit
  3. Jeep Rough Country 50″ X5 Series Dual Row Cree Led Light – The Great X pattern with Cree LEDs
  4. KC HiLiTES 91306 Gravity Pro6 LED Light Bar – The Unique Round Designs With Great Adjustability
  5. Rough Country 20″ Black Series Dual Row CREE LED Light – Budget-friendly option with great configuration

Best Light Bar For Jeep Wrangler – My Honest Review

I have analyzed dozens of light bars based on aspects such as brightness, durability, beam patterns, IP ratings, ease of installation, and more. Go through my recommended products to find the Best Light Bar For Jeep Wrangler and thank me later.

1. KC HiLites 338 C-Series C50 50″ LED Light BarThe Most Popular For Its High-Performance

KC HILites is one of my favorite brands. Not only this brand outshines every light bar, but the bars are also tough. And the C-series 50” LED light is not an exception. 

The auxiliary lighting, extruded aluminum housing with a polycarbonate lens, rubber insulation on the cooling fins – all of these unique features are there to illuminate the area in front of you and around you. 

However, the only drawback is its price as it is expensive than its competitors. But it is a good investment for upgrading your off-road vehicle. 

This 50” C-series puts out an impressive 20160 lumens at 288w. The outside corners of this dual-beam light are going to be 30° flood patterns, while the inside is going to be 12° spot. Thus, it will offer narrower lights instead of being a dual-beam pattern. 

You are going to set a ton of projection down the trail or down the road instead of spilling where you don’t need it. 

It’s quite unique as the backing of the reflectors has a black pattern for a stealthy look. And you are not going to get disturbed by the constant humming noise as the bar has rubber insulation on the cooling fins. 

On top of that, you are getting all the switch, fuse, relay with the harness. The weatherproof connectors have easy screw-on and wired up connection. The bolt-on bracket offers no-fuss installation. 

? Pros:
  • Weatherproof IP67 rating
  • Great off-road illumination
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • rubber insulation on the cooling fins eliminates noise
  • Weatherproof connectors
  • Easy installation
? Cons:
  • It is expensive 

2. YITAMOTOR 52″ inch 300W Combo kit – Affordable Combo kit

If you are looking for the ultimate kit for your jeep, then grab the Yitamotor 52” Combo light bar kit. This is one of the most jeep owners’ favorites for extremely bright, all-weather features. 

Its 300w and 27,000 raw lumens of crystal clear lens will offer incredible off-road illumination and will serve you for about 50,000 hours. 

The combo system comes with the side flood and spot beam. The top-notch unbreakable polycarbonate lens makes it great off-road lights. 

This light speaks of durability for its IP67 rating, rugged aluminum body, and scratch-resistant PC lens. That being said, it would help if it came with any noise canceling design to eliminate the humming sounds. 

The ease of installation pleases the users. Since the pack includes spot pod lights, a wiring harness, mounting bracket, you do not need to spend extra money. However, it would be best if it came with amber covers for the pods. 

Overall, it is the bang for your bucks for its performance and quality. If you keep in mind the caveats, it will serve you for years. 

? Pros:
  • Great Illumination 
  • A wholesome package 
  • Universal fit
  • Easy installation 
  • Water and dirt resistant elements
  • Scratch-resistant lens
? Cons:
  • The noise-canceling design needs to be upgraded 

3. Jeep Rough Country 50″ X5 Series Dual Row Cree Led Light – The Great X pattern with Cree LEDs

When you do not want to encounter any glaring problem or when you are looking for a system that won’t drain out the battery quickly, grab the Rough country 50” X5 series with confidence. 

Its cutting edge LED technology, all-weather design, and durable die-cast aluminum housing – all of these have made it to our list.

The heart-pumping 25,650 lumens and 285-watt output offer unbelievable brightness. The harmonic vibration creates noise, but its noise reducing designs eliminates the whistling. 

Its unique X-pattern design provides an additional half-row of Cree LEDs, which offer unparalleled off-road illumination. IP67 weatherproof housing is there for unsurpassed protection against harsh conditions. 

It features a wiring harness with an inline fuse and on/off toggle switch. However, it would be best if it came with a robust switch. The brackets have rubber padding. Overall, this one will cater to your needs with a long lifespan. 

? Pros:
  • Stand tough against the watery motion
  • Great illumination
  • Noise silencers are praiseworthy 
  • Durable configuration 
? Cons:
  • The weather-sealing feature needs improvement 

4. KC HiLiTES 91306 Gravity Pro6 LED Light Bar The Unique Round Designs With Great Adjustability

When we are having a conversation about top-graded light bars for jeep, the name KC HiLiTES will definitely come again and again on your screen. And the KC HiLiTES 91308 is a head-turner for its incredible adjustability, excellent powder-coating build quality, very well-sealed configuration. 

These windshield lights are the innovative approach to the typical light bars. 

This model is costly, but the strength and potential are worth every penny. Its construction matches with the round headlights. The best part is it is entirely customizable, and the linking system is utterly adjustable. 

Since there are hinges between the connections, you can bend this 32” light. It is a combo system for offering auxiliary lighting of about 12,260lm. 

The best part is it has a superior heatsink design with solid and crystal clear lenses. You can expect excellent efficiency from large reflectors with back-facing LEDs. And this model has bigger reflectors to have more control over the lights. There are a lot of lights down the trail, allowing you a broader spectrum. 

The installation is a breeze, and the manufacturer supplies everything with the light like the bracket, mounting hardware, and so on. 

The unique part is these lights have covers that are easy to take off and on. The mounts have rubber padding so that the paints on your jeep persist.

However, you should install the anti-theft system to give more protection to your lights.

Overall, you are getting a huge spectrum of light all over the place without encountering annoying sounds. 

? Pros:
  • Potent beams
  • No annoying sound
  • Robust and weather withstanding construction 
  • Easy installation 
  • Heatsink design
? Cons:
  • Quite large

5. Rough Country 20″ Black Series Dual Row CREE LED LightBudget-friendly option with great configuration

If you think that the expensive options hurt hard on your wallet and you want to go for something that will be the bang for your bucks, then look no further than our extra bold, extra bright rough country 20” Black series Cree light. 

The Cree lights are quite powerful and high efficient with 9600 effective lumens and 120 watts. These LEDs are going to concentrate lights in one direction with 8° degree spot and 90° degree flood combo pattern. 

The die-cast aluminum housing and moisture breather offer great durability. Its three-year limited warranty is less compared to the lifetime warranty. 

It is water and dust resistant with IP67 rating. However, the mounts and switches of the wires need improvement. 

The black series has stealthy and sinister-looking, which blends with your jeep wrangler. The noise-reducing design is also praiseworthy.

Overall, this light has the best balance between quality and price.

? Pros:
  • Mind-blowing illumination
  • Sturdy and weatherproof configuration 
  • Great black panels suit with your jeep.
  • Noise-canceling design
  • Combo system for excellent off-road illumination. 
? Cons:
  • The mounts and switches need improvement

Buying Guide Of The Best Light Bar For Jeep Wrangler 

Purchasing the top-graded light bar can be a hassle for most of us. But if you know what to consider before buying a light bar, it will be much less trouble for you. Here are the things you need to keep in mind:


Lightbars come in different sizes. While small bars can fit almost anywhere, larger bars over 50 inches are more expensive but provide better brightness. Moreover, some light bars can be expanded. Pick the one that suits your wrangler most. 

Water Resistance

If you’re driving on a rainy night, these lights can be the savior. But if the light bar isn’t waterproof, they can wear out at such moments. So knowing the water resistance capability of the light bar is essential. 

The water resistance can be determined by the “Ingress Protection Code”. The first number of this code tells you how well it can thwart solid particles, and the second number is its water-resistance power.


Before buying, you must see if the light bar’s durability satisfies your desire, and the price suits your budget.

Power Range And Brightness 

The power range is also a big factor to consider. Another thing is the brightness of the light. While there are light bars that can produce 20000 lumens, you most probably won’t need this. And you must not want to spend extra money on things that you don’t need. So buy exactly what you need. 

Beam Type

Lightbars come in five different beam patterns: driving, scene, combo, flood, and spot. The combo type gives the best mix of width and distance while every type has its use. 

Curved vs. Straight

Curved lights can brighten more wide area but less distance. So for longer bars, it’s also an important consideration.  

Alongside all these important considerations, your budget can play an essential role in choosing a light bar. Again you should be aware of the replacement guarantee and ease of the installation process of the light bar. 


What size light bar do I need for Jeep Wrangler?

 Though it depends on your wrangler’s size, most of them suit 50 or 52 inches light bar. A 50 or 52 inches light bar on your front glass will help to light the whole front road. For your favour, you can use this light in particular reflections too. 

How do you install a light bar on a Jeep Wrangler? 

 It is an easy process and will not take more than half an hour. 

  1. Firstly remove the jeep hardware beside the windshield with a T40 Torx bit. Now add the mounting bracket there. This mounting hardware will host the LED lights. 
  2. Secure the hardware properly. 
  3. Place the light bar properly in the mounting hardware. Angle the bar down and slide the light in the projected roadway. If the washer plastic pieces and all parts are correctly placed, secure the bar at the place by tightening hex bolts on either side with an Allen key. 
  4. Secure wire to windshield and disconnect the vehicle’s battery. Run 12 gauge wiring on the power supply and make sure all parts are protected with conduit. 
  5. Add switch in front of driving seat and cross-check everything.

What to do when the light is not properly sealed?

There are various types of aero lids or plastic sleeves that will make your light fully aerodynamic. 


An LED light bar is a terrific addition to any Jeep Wrangler. They give a jaw-dropping look to the vehicle.  It’s is a smart investment, as LED bulbs last longer than the standard alternative. Which one is the best light bar for jeep wrangler, according to you? Let me know in the comment section below if you have any further issues with off-road lights.

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