Who Makes Hercules Tires? [Everything About your Favorite Hercules Tires]

It is very unlikely to own a motor vehicle and not changing tires after a few years. Hercules tires are one of the top tire brands in the United States. If you ever have thought of who makes Hercules tires, then the answer is – The Tire & Rubber company makes Hercules tires. Also, they are the leading company in the replacement tire industry. Hercules commercial tires are among the top of the league.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company started making Hercules tires in the 1960s. Since then, they have been proving their worth. The best thing about these tires is there is a perfect fit for almost all types of vehicles. Not only that, their design and price also tend to be very attractive.

In case you did not hear about these tires before, you should take a good look at them. Because they might be the best replacement you will need for your vehicle.

History of the Company

Hercules tires come from a long line of history. The company was formed in 1952. It was a group of tire dealers and retreaders that formed and named it Hercules tire and rubber company.

The company was listed on the New York stock exchange in 1960. This company, for a long time, was headed by members of the Brewer family. It grew significantly under their leadership and management. By 1983, this company joined the ranks of fortune 500 companies. Some even wonder, ‘are Hercules tires made in china?’ Don’t give into misconception; these tires are made in North America.

These tires have a rich history of more than 60 years of service. Not only they provided the service, but they are also still a leader in the market. It says a lot about the quality of the product. Alongside earning customer satisfaction, they have established themselves as pioneers of the industry.


Types of Hercules Tires

Different vehicles are made for different purposes. They need the right type of tires to do the particular task perfectly. Hercules offers high-performance tires for all categories.

Hercules tires terra trac deserves a special mention. Although, depending on temperature resistance, vehicle type, terrain, and driving patterns, types of tires can vary.

  • Passenger Car Tires: These are usually used for vehicles designed for personal use. For example, sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, and crossovers are best suited for these tires. Besides some minivans, SUVs and smaller pickup trucks (under ¾ ton)  use this type of tire.
  • Ultra High-Performance Tires: This type of tire has very high griping on dry surfaces. They are suitable for dry, harsh land. You should check Hercules commercial truck tires reviews if you own a truck.
  • Light Truck Tires: They are used in vehicles that are regularly to carry heavy loads. These truck tires can keep up the performance all season long.
  • Industrial Tires: Industrial tires are used in vehicles like tractors, bucket loaders, forklifts, excavators. Those used on smooth surfaces have a smooth tread. Tires used on soft surfaces typically have large tread features. Some industrial tires are filled with foam or solid.
  • OTR Tires: It means Off-the-road tires. These are built to take a massive amount of weight. Also, they can go through any kind of rough ground quite easily. These tires are made for off-road work. You will be able to navigate xtreme terrains with these tires.

Why Choose Hercules Tires?

When you have so many options, you certainly can ask how it is different from others. Well, let’s take a look.

  • Variety: No matter which brand’s vehicle you are using, Hercules tires will fit just perfectly. They have a huge variety that meets all kinds of needs.
  • Protection: What else you need while driving when you know your vehicle has the safest type of tires. It helps to be confident and comfortable.
  • Trustability: independent tire dealers sell Hercules tires. They are trustable, and they care to keep a connection with the customer.

Hercules Tires Prices

It is interesting Hercules tires are affordable even after having such varieties in their collection. They are one of the few companies that managed to keep the price cheap without compromising quality.

If you compare Hercules tires with another company, you’ll clearly see the differences in the pricing.

Also, depending on the purchased model, they offer a warranty up to 80,000 miles. A hands-on Hercules tires review would give you a better conclusion on prices.

Soma Best Hercules Tires:

These tires mentioned are worth to take a look at.

1.Hercules Power STR 235/85R16 128L

It has asymmetric tread pattern, 3000+ lbs load capacity, water-resistant compound while being suitable to use in wet weather conditions.


This tire offers great service all season long, especially if the weather condition is too extreme.

3.Hercules Ironman Imove SUV

Heavy load capacity is the main feature of this tire, also you are getting great durability and versatility.


Tires are not just a part of vehicles; they are one of the most vital parts as they have to bear the load and roll on the ground in any condition. They affect the efficiency, durability, safety, and driving feel. Hercules tires are the best to meet all the needs at an affordable price.

By now, you already know enough of who makes Hercules tires, what are their use and etc. All you need to decide is which type you should take according to your vehicle and driving habits.