All You Need To Know About Who Makes Interstate Batteries

The interstate Battery system is one of the oldest and most common names in the automotive battery industry. This worldwide battery marketing and distribution company serve us with advanced, reliable automotive batteries manufactured by some of the best brands.

Here’s the question of who makes interstate batteries that give us world-class dependability and service quality. Therefore, let’s learn about the interstate batteries briefly to understand what makes it such an outrageously dependable automotive battery source.

Are Interstate Batteries Worth It?

According to some experts, Interstate Batteries may not be one of the top recommendations to be honest and straight. However, we cannot deny that it is one of the leading replacement battery brands and marketers.

Another important fact is that they distribute batteries from top manufacturer companies like Brookfield, Exide. If you are concerned about battery performance and longevity, then interstate batteries are the best option. The price range of the batteries is also affordable regardless of the premium quality.

Who Makes Interstate Batteries?

Interstate batteries markets automotive batteries manufactured by Brookfield Business partners, Exide Technologies, Johnson Controls, and others through independent interstate batteries dealers.

However, some report states that 65% of interstate batteries are made by Johnson Controls, including the automotive, car, truck, and marine Batteries. But currently, Johnson is not making the batteries, and Exide has taken over that task of Johnson Controls for Interstate batteries.

Where Are Interstate Batteries Made?

Interstate battery manufacturing plants are located in various locations. Among them, Mexico and several plants from Louisiana to Southern California are notable ones. The list is very long, and we don’t want to focus on that less important information.

About The Manufacturers

One of the prominent manufacturers of the Interstate batteries is Johnson Controls, an American Irish domicile multinational industrial company. Johnson Controls is the world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer, but they are not manufacturing companies like Interstate batteries or Wal mart anymore.

Exide Technologies is another manufacturer of interstate batteries. Right now, they are one of the major manufacturers of Interstate batteries. Exide has also entered into technical assistance and collaboration agreements with East Penn Manufacturing Company to manufacture automotive, motive power, standby, telecom, lead-acid battery for UPS, solar, and traction batteries.

Brookfield Business Partners is a publicly-traded limited partnership and the primary public vehicle company founded in June 2016. Although Brookfield seems the newest entry compared to the other two companies, it also has great potentials.

What are the Interstate battery Types?

Let’s look at some of the available interstate battery types and learn about each of them briefly.

  • MTZ Batteries: These MTZ offer long-lasting power for today’s high-accessory vehicles and motorists who use plug-ins such as DVD players, phone chargers, and GPS devices.
  • MTX Line Batteries: This specific car battery will meet or exceed your vehicle’s starting requirements and deliver lasting power in AGM-required applications.
  • MTP Batteries: This one is the non-AGM battery with the most extended battery life and high-cranking performance in cold to moderate climates.
  • MT Batteries: Non-AGM battery with Classic performance life and starting power also offers the amplest experience in hot-to-moderate climates for cars and trucks.
  • M Batteries: These batteries are equipped with ample cranking power and perfect for the value-minded customer. A Cold-cranking amp is a factor for concern, and M batteries wouldn’t disappoint you.
  • AGM Powersports Batteries: These Powersports batteries are designed with sealed, spill-proof, and an acid pack. After filling with acid, the batteries will be permanently sealed, and no filling with water and checking the level is needed.
  • Marine: If you need a battery for deep-cycling, starting, or a combination of both, then interstate marine batteries are the best option for you that provides better durability and longevity.
  • Marine RV Batteries: They are designed for the best outdoor performance. These batteries will make sure you feel the comfort of home with plenty of power for high demand electronics

History of Interstate batteries

The Interstate Battery System started the journey in 1952 with Mr. John Scarcy, who was initially selling automotive batteries out of his Studebaker pickup’s trunk. Eventually, after two years, Searcy finally founded this new company of his own.

Fast-forwarding to 1989, Norm Miller’s brother Tommy became Interstate Battery’s President and CEO while Norm remained Chairman of the Board. In 1990 Interstate Batteries also got the number 1 position in North America for the replacement battery and became the Founding Sponsor of Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR).

In 2004, Carlos Sepulveda took over the leadership as both President and CEO, and almost for a decade, he continued his outstanding leadership until his leave in 2013. After Carlos leaves, Norm Miller’s son, Scott, took over the responsibility of leading this venture to the next level.

What Are The Best Interstate Batteries?

Depending on the vehicle, the type and recommendation vary. Let’s see the 3 most popular Interstate batteries for trolling motor.

Interstate Batteries 12V 110 AH – It is a maintenance-free deep cycle mobility battery.

Interstate Batteries 12V 75AH – It has AGM and VRLA technologies that make it spill-proof.

Interstate Batteries 12V 35AH – It is a small capacity battery for smaller motors.


Does Costco battery wholesaler sell Interstate Batteries?

Yes. Along with Costco batteries, they also offer Interstate brand batteries too. The partnership blend is pretty well for serving mass customers.

Who makes interstate car batteries?

Brookfield Business Partners and Exide Technologies make interstate car batteries.

Who makes interstate batteries now?

Brookfield Business Partners and Exide Technologies make the majority portion of the Interstate batteries now.


Interstate Batteries brought batteries from some of the USA’s leading manufacturing companies that ensure the customer’s satisfaction with the supreme quality and performance of owning interstate batteries. Therefore, this article’s ultimate goal was to give an overall idea about this world’s leading automotive replacement battery distributors and marketers.

We hope that the answer to the question, “who makes interstate batteries,” is clear to you now. Was our article helpful, or did you get the necessary information you were looking for? Let us know.