7 Best exhaust for 5.3 silverado: Reviews in 2022

A considerable amount of car owners want to get a sporty sound in their Chevrolet. Many times it is easy to get it, but you get an unpleasant tone. Do not worry, the simplest, cheapest, and fastest solution is getting the best exhaust for 5.3 Silverado. With this exhaust, you will have a smooth but forceful tone.

The 5.3 exhausts give you an aggressive, loud, and clear tone. These exhausts will provide you with improved performance and a high-level sports experience. This type of exhaust can decrease the pressure at the time of getting rid of fumes, and you begin to increase the brake horsepower.

Best exhaust for 5.3 Silverado

I have created a list by searching in depth the top seven best exhaust for 5.3 silverado you can buy. By reading all the information, you will notice you can trust with your eyes closed on these products. You can find their pros&cons so you can better evaluate them. The quality and performance will let you impressed.

  1. The 817669 models of American Thunder 409S Cat-Back System by Flowmaster
  2. The model 817689 Outlaw Cat-Back Exhaust by Flowmaster
  3. The 817492 model with a moderate sound and Cat-back System 409S by Flowmaster
  4. The 15267 model with a Cat-Back Performance by MagnaFlow
  5. The 15269 model Exhaust System by MagnaFlow
  6. The 140546 Cat-Back exhaust model by BORLA
  7. The 15268 model by MagnaFlow

1. The 817669 models of American Thunder 409S Cat-Back System by Flowmaster

Our opening product on the list is from Flowmaster. This product has a spectacular and solid construction. You will have an exhaust made of stainless steel for more excellent durability.

Overall, this escapement gives you mandrel bent tubing. Its design is thought to provide you with the tools and instructions for a smooth, fast, and precise adjustment. You will have clamps fully tightened and attached for the best performance.

You can install it quickly. However, it could take a couple of hours. This will depend on your skill. You will need to separate the tires from the ground with the help of a jack.

This exhaust has a great sound system, just like you imagined it. This American Thunder gives you an old school sound. Therefore, you will have a completely clean and deep tone. However, it will never be offensive to the people around you.

This type of exhaust is designed for Silverado trucks. People in search of a considerable sound level will be fascinated by this idea. You can get all the performance benefits.

It has a legal bolted emissions system. This provides the choice of tailpipe outlets. You can use it either on the back under the bumper. Also, you can place them on the sides behind the back.

You will have all the hardware and parts included to be able to carry out the whole process.

You will have a lifetime warranty. This will help you to cover any future problems. In addition, they have spectacular customer service to solve each of your questions.

  • It gives you a limited lifetime warranty on any future problems.
  • It has a solid construction with stainless steel to avoid damage.
  • After installing, you will have everything completely tightened to perfection.
  • By installing this exhaust, you will have a deep and clean tone
  • Tweezers are often designed with low quality.
  • Installation could get a bit difficult, depending on your knowledge.


2. The model 817689 Outlaw Cat-Back Exhaust by Flowmaster

Our second product is from Flowmaster Inc. This company is a pioneer in the manufacture and design of exhaust kits. They only provide high-performance products for cars, pick-ups, among others.

This company has over 350 kits available. Among all these kits is model 817689. These products promise to give you a stronger performance than the products on the market.

This product has a dedicated R&D team. This supervises the performance of each product to ensure the guarantee. Also, this exhaust will give you a ridiculous exhaust setup.

This product gives you an easy way to install. You will not have to acquire the necessary equipment to install it. The kit includes every product you will need.

This exhaust provides an aggressive sound; it also gives you a Flowmaster outlaw system. Besides, it has a construction based on stainless steel. This will allow you a longer duration and a great useful life.

It also has black and ceramic tips. It includes a limited warranty. But, this guarantee is valid for life. Also, this exhaust gives you a cat-back system to provide you with greater durability. In addition to making you look spectacular, this exhaust will allow you to evacuate the combustion gases you have.

The quality that you will have is indisputable; the supplier guarantees everything in terms of quality-price.

  • You will have an excellent cold start, with a great sound.
  • You can perform an easy, fast installation. It will take about an hour.
  • You will have the option of straight tubes for rear bumpers.
  • The warranty may not cover all types of problems


3. The 817492 model with a moderate sound and Cat-back System 409S by Flowmaster

The Flowmaster model 817482 gives you all the features you need in exhausts. With this model, you will have a variety of tip styles to be able to choose the one that suits you best. Also, it has an exclusive Flowmaster muffler that helps and combines with the tip styles.

This product also has a double rear outlet and side outlet. It has a stainless steel tube. This allows for greater durability and also has 16 gauge mandrel bent for better performance.

The exhaust tone you will have is moderate sounding. This will be so strong so that they listen to you wherever you go, but without disturbing those around you. You will have a fabulous sound ready for everyone to know where you are going.

It includes hangers and all the necessary software to be able to carry out the installation. You will not have to spend hours installing it; it will simply be an easy and effective question.

Thanks to the tuned Dyno that these exhausts have, you will obtain the maximum and necessary performance for your car. The total product weighs only 69.2 pounds. The manufacturer does not discontinue it, so you can find everything easily.

If you are looking for much better performance, you can combine this exhaust system with an air intake kit always from the Flowmaster brand. It has a 409S cat-back system. Compatible with most cars.

Flowmaster, in addition to caring about its customers, it cares about their items. You will have a product up to your door fully packaged. Also, thanks to its very safe way of shipping, you will not have a problem with any of your destinations.

  • The installation is simple, you will need help from a person, but you can do it on your own.
  • You will not have problems with the shipment of your product, much less with the damage of the product.
  • This exhaust will make you notice and will allow you to obtain immediate power.
  • The price-quality ratio is fantastic.
  • The clamps could break if you exert too high a force.

4. The 15267 model with a Cat-Back Performance by MagnaFlow

This model 15267 is from the supplier MagnaFlow. They are made in the United States with high-quality materials. These products have a fantastic design for the Chevy Silverado. It has an extended cab V8 5.3L.

MagnaFlow is focused on bringing you tested and guaranteed Dyno. This Dyno will allow you to generate fantastic energy. Besides, with this exhaust, you can increase horsepower performance. Your car will start to sound as cool as it looks.

The sound it will provide you is in a soft tone, but at the same time, super deep. This sound is for people who want to have a powerful sound, but not at all annoying.

All its construction, welding, and materials are designed so that your product has excellent performance. Thus, you avoid spending money unnecessarily buying extra products.

  • They give you direct flow designs to provide you with excellent horsepower.
  • You will have great power and, at the same time, a spectacular exhaust efficiency.
  • You will have an exhaust that provides a balance between noise levels.
  • Products tested under SAEj11689 standards.
  • Chromium could give you some problems.


5. The 15269 model Exhaust System by MagnaFlow

The fifth product is the 15269 style with a system designed for Chevy Silverado. This design is from V8 5.3L. It has a Dyno design to give you the energy you need to go where you want.

In addition, it has a design that provides and increases performance in horsepower. Plus, it delivers great sound in smooth yet deep power. You can have a sound that everyone will hear when you pass by.

This model has a gray color that allows you to combine it with your car quickly. It also has bent mandrel material. This allows for an easy installation process.

Also, he has a pretty good soldier and durable. Thus, you can use it for years without failure. Its materials are built in a way so that they fit your needs and also, they last a long time.

Their supplier designs them in the United States, and it’s called MagnaFlow exhaus products. He has a long history in this type of project so you will only have quality.

It weighs only 60 pounds; you can lift it and manipulate it easily. The outer part is stainless, so it can get wet, and it will not be ruined at any moment.

  • This exhaust will give you excellent sound inside and out.
  • You can see in which design and type of car it is compatible.
  • All the pieces will fit perfectly, and you will have the necessary tool to install it.
  • You will have to invest around four hours in installing it.


6. The 140546 Cat-Back exhaust model by BORLA

This socket is perfectly suitable for use on Silverado 5.3. TASSEL manufactures this product. Therefore, high-level manufacturing products characterize this manufacturer.

Plus, it only weighs 53.1 pounds, and the manufacturer has not discontinued its model. It is suitable for different car models; you can check it.

You can install it easily without any helper, but it might take a little time. This sound caused by this exhaust can increase over the years, so it could be an excellent option if you want a powerful sound.

It gives you an engineering balance to deliver excellent indoor and outdoor noise. It will be so strong, but not at all annoying. Also, inside, you can easily talk to people, and the sound will not have any inconvenience.

  • You can talk inside the car, and the noise will not be annoying at all.
  • The sound that it will provide you is soft and quite strong
  • Depending on where you live, it could be a bit noisy.


7. The 15268 model by MagnaFlow

This model is proven and ensures it will generate energy for when you use it. In addition, it gives you horsepower performance for better performance.

This product will give you a sound in a soft and deep tone that you will love. You can also install it super easily, and it has a material called bent madril.

MagnaFlow exhausts are compatible with almost all types of cars. However, before purchasing it, you can check the compatibility of these. It will allow you to have a better vision of what you will buy.

The supplier does not discontinue this model. Plus, it weighs only 60 pounds, so you can easily handle it while you install it. O.E.M. parts are called the same model 15268.

This type of exhaust gives you a better economy thanks to its high-durability materials. Also, they provide deep sounds, but at the same time with a noticeable performance power.

  • It will give you a moderately loud sound, but not at all annoying to the people around you.
  • You won’t sacrifice HP/TQ and MPG gains.
  • The installation is simple; you do not need prior knowledge
  • It is necessary to make sure what type of warranty it has


Buying Guide: What to look for


Generally, an exhaust 5.3 for Silverado gives you a solid sound. This type of exhaust has as its main characteristic that you are recognized where you go by your tone. It should give you a loud and noticeable sound, but without disturbing the people around you.


This manifold is the same one known as a header. This part is usually made of cast or stainless steel. Therefore, it will help adhere to the head of the engine.

This is the one that makes all the connections between the engine and the exhaust system. Here, the hot air from your engine will pass. This means that the piece must be VERY RESISTANT.

To be able to withstand high temperatures, you should look for stainless or cast steel. Most of the 5.3 products for Silverado are stainless steel. Do not worry.


Not all 5.3 exhausts are high-end. Quality does not only come from the materials they include. Also, you should look for compatibility with the type of engine you have. This will depend on whether the motor is large or small.

You won’t be able to buy a low engine exhaust if you have a reasonably large engine. You must look for guaranteed quality. This will help you avoid any failures in the future.


Stop looking for bent exhaust variants for understanding. Better look for a mandrel-bent escapement. These work best with the Silverado 5.3 Exhaust.

In addition, this function will help you to support the maximum airflow. They will never obstruct your airflow. On the contrary, they will always keep it smooth.


It would be best if you put some effort into it after installing the exhaust. It would help if you cleaned it at least once a week. You must buy a 5.3 exhaust that is not difficult to clean. Also, do not buy exhausts where daily cleaning can be a mess because free space to clean is limited.


Make sure your escape gives you each of the software and instructions to install. They do not always include them, that is why, to avoid any extra expense, you should practically look for a kit that gives you all the installation parts together.

It isn’t easy to come across a product that does not give you a clue about how to do the job. What people want most is to have products that they can install themselves.


If you are looking for a 5.3 exhaust, it is because you need sound. Therefore, you should focus on checking the size of the muffler. You should not buy one of considerable size, since the volume of your exhaust will be deficient. The roaring sounds are not coming from large silencers. Instead, they come from small silencers.


In order to have the best 5.3 Silverado exhaust, you should focus on having an exhaust tip without extending the rear bumper. It would help if you did not buy a fairly long exhaust tip. Something extremely long could put security at risk.


  • Is it easy to install the exhaust?

The installation of the exhausts is not complicated at all. Even too many car owners love to change these types of systems very often. However, if you are a beginner, it might get a bit difficult. That is why you must make sure that your product comes with instructions and all the necessary tools.

  • What is the main function of a 5.3 Silverado exhaust?

The main function is that this part manages the air intake. Thanks to this part of the car, you will not have harmful gases from the car. Thus, they will not cause damage to the engine. Another feature is the removal of burnt gases. Thus, you can save money and time on maintenance.

  • What do mufflers do on the exhaust?

These silencers practically have an exhaust pipe. This carries the air and helps release burnt gases inside the tube. Thus, simple silencers let a certain amount of air pass through, and they generate the noise you have been looking for.

If you are looking for an exhaust that gives you all the loud sound you want, you shouldn’t buy a double muffler for a 5.3 Silverado. You will only avoid the sound you are looking for.

  • Which escapement is better: an iron-coated one or a stainless teel?

Here, you should consider the quality of construction and the material used. Leaks are generally exposed to anything you can imagine. As they are without any protection, they can pass through water, dust, dirt, among others. That is why you need aggressive materials.

When we talk about iron-coated and stainless steel, we always think of high quality and that they can survive in severe conditions. Stainless steel liners can withstand all kinds of corrosion hazards. These can last much longer. On the other hand, the iron-coated ones are durable, but you must take care of them and give them maintenance more often.