Upgrade Your Chevy 350 with These 5 Best Exhaust Headers 

Often we don’t realize the necessity of having an efficient exhaust system. But when these exhaust gases remain in the combustion chamber, they take up the space of fresh air-fuel mixture. This, in turn, robs the potential power and torque of your engine. 

So, I’ve researched and reviewed some of the best headers for Chevy 350, which can help your vehicle reach its true potential. If you want to improve the engine’s performance and throttle response, please read the full article without skipping. 

Also, if you’re purchasing exhaust headers for the first time should go through the buying guide at the end of the article. Now, let’s get into the discussion without any further delay.

Check out these exhaust headers for chevy 350 at a glance:

Short tube design, horsepower gain from idle to mid-range RPM, ideal for street racing. Diameter of the primaries is 1-5/8″, diameter of the collectors is 3″, 16-gauge mild steel, TIG welded 

Cast Iron tubular construction, protection against warping or cracking, leak-resistant, exact-fit kit, easy installation

1-5/8 “primary tubes, 3” collectors, 2-1/2 “reducers, black painted finish

Closer fit and extra clearance, 8-2 lightweight design, 1 5/8″ Primary Tube Size 

Fuel-efficient, Leak-Tested For Max Performance, Leak Proof O-Ring

Best Headers for Chevy 350: My Honest Review

Building a reliable and strong exhaust system will impact your engine more than you can ever imagine. These are my most favorite headers for efficient evacuation of exhaust gases and improving the engine’s efficiency.

PG POWERGO MOTORSPORT Exhaust Headers – High-Quality Steel Shorty Header

If you have got a Chevrolet with a small block V8 engine, I’ve got a gamechanger shorty exhaust header for you. Short tube design is the most efficient at providing horsepower gain from idle to mid-range RPM, which brings excitement to street driving and is ideal for street racing. Let’s get into further details of why this is my top pick other than being a shorty.

It comes with a set of equal length primaries with diameters of 1-5/8″ or 42mm. So the exhaust gas from the combustion will be replaced from both of the cylinders equally. As a result, you’ll get consistent power and a broader torque curve in the low to mid-range spectrum. 

Also, the 16-gauge (1.5mm) mild steel pipes have a heat-resistant coat that retains heat inside the tube. On top of that, they are fully mandrel-bent to maintain unrestricted flow along the entire exhaust flow path. A hydraulic press flattens the sturdy cylinder head flanges to ensure a leak-free seal.

Now, coming to the most important thing, which is its durability. To maximize its longevity, all joints are entirely TIG welded so that it can withstand cracking and wearing under high pressure and temperature. And the best part is, the header surface is coated in black paint that can tolerate up to 500 degrees Celsius. 

So, if you want an exhaust header for your small capacity engine, this is what you should consider. For its short tube design, it runs quieter and radiates less heat, too.

? Pros:
  • Short tube design 
  • High-quality steel piping
  • Fully TIG welded joints 
  • Leak-free sturdy cylinder flanges 
  • Mandrel-bent tubes for unrestricted flow
  • Black paint exterior withstands up to 500◦C
? Cons:
  • The passenger side doesn’t have O2 sensor bung 

2. ECCPP Exhaust Manifold Racing Header Durable cast iron shorty header

With a cast-iron tubular short body, this exhaust manifold racing header will improve your engine efficiency, throttle response, and increase exhaust flow. Thriving to achieve maximum durability, manufacturers made the header tube using high-quality T304 stainless steel material. And it’s safe to say they have succeeded as it can resist the elements and run long without any warping or cracking.

With the efficient short tube design, the header instantly gains 10 to 15 horsepower and a stronger torque. ECCPP Exhaust headers have O2 sensors inserted, which is an advantage over PG PowerGo shorty. But like the PowerGo, it also features sturdy cylinder head flanges, which are precision cut with a CNC laser cutter for a perfect fit. Moreover, they are TIG welded too for maximum durability.

Even if you don’t have any prior experience fitting exhaust manifold, there won’t be any problem. The direct bolt-on feature will make the installation super easy, just like plug and play. On top of that, the installation kit comes with all necessary hardware, bolts, and metal gaskets. So, if you don’t have them, there’s no need to rush to the store to buy them. 

If you want to build a reliable exhaust system car for maximum efficiency, go for it. ECCPP exhaust system is precision-engineered based on a clear understanding of the original equipment part to make sure it perfectly fits your car. 

? Pros:
  • Leak-resistant
  • Readily available kit 
  • Short length header 
  • Direct Bolt-On Installation
  • Anti-corrosive cast-iron tube
  • Withstands warping or cracking
? Cons:
  • Doesn’t fit any GM from 67-72 

JEGS Painted Long Tube Headers – Long-lasting headers for large vehicles

Though shorty headers are efficiently designed to fit easily, you need long tube headers for more power. So, if you are into drag racing or off-road racing, I’ve got a dependable, long length exhaust header for you to consider. 

When it comes to making quality headers, nobody knows headers like the JEGS. Their long tube headers are engineered from cold-rolled, flash-controlled, 16 gauge steel tubing. And the O-ring port seal, the 5/16″ flanges, and mandrel formed collectors are welded with precision.

The primary tube has a diameter of 1-5/8″ with 3″ collectors, which improves exhaust flow. Also, JEGS headers include gaskets, 2-1/2″ reducers, and all the necessary hardware to complete your project. So, you don’t need to purchase them or get help from a mechanic.

The black painted finish looks cool, but I won’t sugarcoat; before you know, the color will turn brown, and it will not look good. So, I would suggest you to repaint those headers with heat-protective black paint

Also, the header gasket that comes with it is not that good quality. However, there’s a chance of leaking. It’s better to use a high-quality metal gasket with it. Otherwise, this is one of the most durable chevy 350 truck headers you can get without breaking a bank.

? Pros:
  • Perfect fit
  • Inexpensive
  • Long length tube design
  • Leakproof O-ring port seal
  • Delivers more horsepower and torque
? Cons:
  • Header gasket’s quality is not much good 
  • The paint can’t withstand high temperature

BLACKHORSE-RACING Exhaust Manifolds – Lightweight exhaust headers for chevy 350

As the exhaust system stays at an extremely high temperature for a long time, so it needs oxidization resistance for longer service life. Knowing this, the BLACKHORSE manufacturers designed their headers to show high-temperature inoxidizability far better than the conventional ones.  Besides using high-quality T-304 full stainless steel, they have used 8-2 lightweight design. 

Now, coming to one of the most important aspects, its sizes. The primary tube size is 15/8″ with an outlet of 2.5″. The 7/16″ head flanges are cut by a CNC laser cutter machine for a perfect fit like other premium exhaust headers. But here they with TIG welding, they have done MIG welding, too, for maximum resistance against wear and crack.

The package includes all the necessary mounting accessories, which helps to install it without purchasing extra equipment. On top of that, the header hugs the block for a closer fit and extra clearance. Users are so impressed with the easy fitting that some reviewed they fit like a glove!

BLACKHORSE also provides first-rate customer service. So, if there’s any problem with their product, which is very rare, they are just an email away. If you are looking for a lightweight and durable header with nice fitting and ground clearance, give it a try.

? Pros:
  • Great fitting 
  • 7/16″ thick flanges
  • 8-2 lightweight design 
  • Improved exhaust flow
  • Improved throttle response
  • High-temperature inoxidizability
  • Increased horsepower and torque
? Cons:
  • There’s no location for oxygen sensor 
  • Isn’t compatible with 1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS 

Flowtech 11500FLT Black Standard Headers – Great option to increase fuel efficiency

Are you worried about not getting enough space between the headers and the chassis but need a long tube header? Good news for you, I’ve got just the right one for you. After fitting the Flowtech 11500FLT on your small block chevy 350, you’ll still have plenty of space between them and the chassis. Let’s dive into further details and get to know why it stands out:

These headers are the perfect combination of performance and value. The long tube headers are precision engineered using mandrel-bent tubing for unrestricted flow along the exhaust flow path. Also, you’re getting super thick 5/16″ flanges with O-Ringed sealing for a leak-free seal. 

One advantage it has over the JEGS header is, it’s coated in a high heat resistant black paint. This will give a stealthy appearance and protection against extreme heat. 

All mounting tools and gaskets are included for a simple installation. They also were great at matching the port location and shape at the head with zero clearance issues. But some user complains about them not fitting perfectly on the passenger side. In that case, you can just call them and ask for a replacement. 

Overall, it’s a really high-quality long tube header that comes at an inexpensive price. So, try it if you need more power and torque, which a shorty can’t provide.

? Pros:
  • Perfect fitting
  • Simple installation
  • Mandrel-bent tubing 
  • Makes amazing sound 
  • Thick cylinder head flanges
  • Leakproof O-ringed port seals
? Cons:
  • Doesn’t fit right on the passenger side for some model 


What to Consider Before Buying the Best Header for Chevy 350?

Are you buying exhaust headers for the first time? Scratching your head being confused about what features to look for? I won’t judge you because it comes in a huge variety to choose from. Check these things down below to find the best exhaust headers for Chevy 350:


This is the first thing to consider while selecting an exhaust header. And when you need to decide between a short tube or long tube design, you need to think about your application and driving style. 

If you don’t race much and have a limited capacity, then shorty will be a better choice for you. They provide low to mid-range torque, radiate less heat and run quieter. 

But when you want more power at high rpm, go for the long tube design. It reduces the chance of having a back feed of gases into a different tube. Sometimes it has clearance issues but not the JEGS and BLACKHORSE-RACING long tubes. Equal length primaries are more preferable as they scavenge gas equally from the cylinder and ensures the engine’s maximum efficiency. 


The most common materials you can find in headers are mild steel and stainless steel. The mild steel one comes cheaper, but it’s more prone to corrosion. The ceramic coating can help to protect from corrosion. 

Stainless steel comes in 2 common types: 304 and 409. 409 is the cheapest one among stainless steel alloy. But it will eventually rust because of having limited high-temperature capabilities. 

The best choice for exhaust headers is 304 stainless alloy because it’s more durable, lightweight, and heat-retaining. How you differentiate between 304 and 409, you ask? Take a magnet and try to stick it. If it doesn’t stick, then it’s made with 304.


Before buying exhaust headers, check if it’s compatible your vehicle model. Otherwise, it will be of no use. Also, keep in mind your transmission system, engine capacity, and the space you want under the hood.

High-Temperature Tolerance

The exhaust system stays in extremely high-temperature for a long time. So, it needs to tolerate the heat and have good oxidization resistance. Performance headers for chevy 350 come painted with heat-resistant black color. But don’t worry if you’ve already ordered or purchased a normal painted one. Buy a heat-protective black paint and spray it all over before installing.

Ease of installation

If you don’t have the necessary mounting tools to install exhaust headers, ensure the one you purchase comes with them included. Also, you can take mechanic’s help by paying some extra cash.



You won’t get the peak performance without building a robust and reliable exhaust system. These best headers for Chevy 350 I have reviewed above, will ensure optimum scavenging and help the engine reach its potential. So, what are you waiting for? Get the right exhaust header according to your driving style and get the most out of your vehicle.