Do You Know Who Makes Kirkland Motor Oil?

There was a time that the world depended too much on Mobil 1, but now the Kirkland signature has taken over the world. However, the question remains, “who makes the Kirkland motor oil?” It is made by Warren Distribution – a company specialized in synthetic oil production. The organization is the largest blender of private label oils in the world. They produce oils with excellent performance, which can be compared to any world-wide brand of oil.

Are Kirkland Motor Oils Any Good?

In the empire of engine oils, the Kirkland label might be a dark horse, but it has some outstanding qualities. These make this motor oil worth trying.

When we think of buying engine oil, we expect it to be Dexos approved as well as API approved. The Dexos certification proves that your vehicle fulfills several requirements that allow it to have the latest emission standard. It also allows it to have improved fuel efficiency.

In comparison, the API certification provides enough evidence of the safety precautions and quality of a company. In the case of Kirkland, you will get both of these certifications. What more could you ask for? It is manufactured by the company that makes Walmart World’s Supertech and Amazon Oil. If you have any idea of the quality of these, then you will be sure that this oil will not disappoint you.

Who Makes Kirkland Motor Oils?

Kirkland Motor oil is made by Warren distribution, which is a North America based companyWarren distribution is the largest blender of private label oils. They also blend their own house brand Mag 1 oil. They blend pretty solid motor oils with decent additive packages.

Like other private label oils, Kirkland SAE 5W-30 is also one of the synthetic creations of Warren distribution. Kirkland motor oil gives your vehicle to wear protection for extended engine life and control thermal problems. This synthetic oil is distributed by Costco, which is also a well-known multi-national corporation.

Where Are Kirkland Motor Oils Made?

Kirkland Motor Oils are made in America by Warren Distribution. The headquarter is at Omaha, Nebraska and have more than 2 million square feet of manufacturing and distributing facilities in different states of America where they make oil. These manufacturing areas include Council Bluffs, IA, where they have manufacturing facilities on 2,40,000 square feet.

They also have 6000 square feet of manufacturing facilities at Lake Guntersville in Alabama and 340000 square feet in Houston, Texas. A huge area of manufacturing the oil is at Albertville, Alabama state. So you might be sitting in one of those countries where Kirkland oil gets shipped and using this oil. But here is where they really come from.

About The Manufacturer

Warren Distribution is a family-owned business founded in 1922 by James Schlott. His grandson Robert Bob Schlott is serving as the current CEO of this company.

It used to supply lubricant oil and related products to agricultural business farm in Omaha and surrounding areas. In 1930, James’ son joined the company and started expanding their services.

Norman developed an oil blending process and its own private label brand of oil named Gold Bond Lubricants. It had become popular and was sold to an implement dealer in Eastern Iowa later. Thus it started expanding.

Now it has turned itself into the largest private label lubricants manufacturer and automotive chemical distributor of North America, producing 140 million gallons per year. They manufacture passenger car motor oil, heavy-duty engine oil, industrial oil, greases, and distribute a wide variety of popular automotive chemicals.

Their corporate office is situated in Omaha, Nebraska. These products get shipped to more than 45 countries.

Their team is led by a customer-facing team with more than 25 years of experience. More than 750 associates deliver quality services. These associates, together with the leaders, help to meet customer’s expectations with their services.

What Are the Types Of Kirkland Motor Oils Available?

Kirkland synthetic motor oil has been marketed by Costco. The brand is presently a multi-millionaire oil manufacturing company. It makes a total of three grades of engine oil, which are of three viscosities. These include the SAE 5W-305W-30, and 0W20.

All three of these Kirkland diesel oils are currently available online. In addition to this, you can now find the 5W-30 model in your nearest Costco shops. In contrast, the third viscosity 0W-20 is also promoted by the name of Costco motor oil 0W-20.

What Are The Best Kirkland Motor Oils?

If you are looking for the best full synthetic motor oil in North America, then Warren distribution Kirkland brand will not disappoint you. However, this signature brand also has its bests. One of the best synthetic oil in this brand is the Kirkland 0W-20. It comes with great reviews and provides a fluid-like smooth performance in your car’s engine.

Next comes the Kirkland 5w-30, which comes at a cheaper rate yet has a similar quality to Mobil one. Lastly, we have the Kirkland SAE 5w-30, which has great viscosity among all the others.

Kirkland is one of the best labels which Costco promotes as a means to advertise their products. It makes the best synthetic motor oil, which provides you with a smooth journey each time.


The warren distribution who makes Kirkland motor oil ensures perfect quality, which is even appreciated by professional drivers and car racers. Next time when you go to Costco, don’t forget to get this diesel oil for your car!