How to Improve Gas Mileage on 6.4 Hemi: 7 Easy Steps

When it comes to the Hemi engines, you always don’t get the gas mileage you want. If you go through the 6.4 Hemi, you must know that it has moderate gas mileage. Do you want to improve gas mileage on your 6.4 Hemi?

Who doesn’t want to improve the gas mileage? So, if you want to know how to improve gas mileage on 6.4 Hemi, all you need to do is follow us! Go through the methods mentioned below for getting a lift on the gas mileage of your favourite engine.

Learn How to Improve Gas Mileage on 6.4 Hemi

Here, the step by step process of improving the gas mileage on your 6.4 Hemi if given below. And now, your work is to follow the process and make your truck work like a PRO!

Step 1: Change Oil

The first step of improving the gas mileage of your 6.4 Hemi is changing the oil of the RAM. If you don’t change the oil of the RAM regularly, you will not get a clean engine. Also, for letting the engine run well, this process is the best one.

Try to set a limit. For Hemi 6.4, it is better that you set a limit of 3000. For every run of 3000, you have to change the oil of the RAM.

Step 2: Tune-Up

The next step for the improvement of gas mileage is to get a tune-up. When it comes to regular tune-up, you can easily see visible improvements in the gas mileage. The whole process includes changing the spark plugs. Along with this, a general check-up of the vehicle engine is required in this step. All you have to do is make sure that your engine is running smoothly.

There are times where people skip this step when it comes to improving gas mileage. We recommend you not to avoid this particular step. If you skip this one, there is a high chance that your truck engine will not run smoothly.

On the other hand, the engine will burn more gas than it usually does. Overall, your engine will get worsen day by day! Ensure that you complete tuning up after changing oil.

Step 3: Keep on the Run

If you keep the truck on your garage for a longer period, you must understand that your vehicle will never work amazingly. On the other hand, it will also reduce gas mileage. And the best you can do for keeping the gas mileage high is keep the truck on the run. If you let your Dodge idle for a long time, you will get no mileage from that.

On the other hand, in this idling process, you will only burn the fuel. Burning more fuel keeping your vehicle idle is not a great option, you will agree. So, you shouldn’t keep your Dodge idle as it will lessen the efficiency of the engine.

Step 4: Tire Check-Up

When it comes to the next step, you have to be careful about the tires. When you are driving, if the tires are with low air pressure, it will make you go through the pull. As a result, more gas will be used in the whole procedure.

On the other hand, if there are temperature fluctuations, your tires will lose air pressure easily. So, it is better to add some air to the tires. In most cases, additional air pressure is required for improving gas mileage. If your tires are slightly flat, you will see the gas mileage getting down! So, get your hands on this work and do it!

Step 5: No Quick Accelerations

If you are practicing fast or quick acceleration, this can be another reason for increasing the gas burns. All you have to do is avoid the process if you want gas mileage to improve. On the contrary, if you are driving your truck at a very high speed, it will burn fuel faster than the regular rides.

So, all you got to do is make a limit of your own. Now, you have to keep the speed into the limit when you drive. This will not be easy but you have to try.

Step 6: Check the Filter

After the process of keeping the acceleration low, you have to check the air filter. All you have to do is hold the air filter up to bright light. And then check if the light can go through it or not. If you don’t see it, go for a new one.

If there are clogged air filters, you will see that your engine is not running properly. It will also decrease the gas mileage of your truck. So, make sure that enough air is in the system.

Step 7: No Additional Weight

No matter what but it is always better to keep your truck away for additional weight. The less weight your truck will carry the better performance you will get. If you are usually hauling heavy loads every week, it will surely slow your truck down. So, avoid carrying extra weight everything. Try to carry it when it is required only.

Additional Processes

Along with the ones that we have mentioned, there are also other procedures for increasing the gas mileage on your 6.4 Hemi. You have to be very cautious about the fuel you are using. According to people, it is best if you use premium gas.

However, this will not be always right. The manufacturers of the engine always refer to the fuel that is best for the engine. Even if the manufacture suggests the cheapest petrol, you should use that.

Also, you can reduce the drag to improve the gas mileage of your engine. You have to lessen putting the roof rack on the vehicle. Also, stop putting any sort of storage accessories on your Dodge. You have to seal the gas cap to increase the gas mileage. Gas caps are made of rubber. So, your truck will get airtight protection and improve the gas mileage.

Stop putting undue stress on the engine of your truck. When you are running the truck at an average speed, you should not put any more undue stress on the engine. Also, never settle for the aftermarket solution. Only pick up the parts that are recommended by the manufacture of the engine and the truck.

We all say that there are always way out. All you need to do is search for it!

Wrap Up

If you are always trying to settle for speed, nothing can afford you mileage. When it comes to gas mileage, we always want to increase it. But increment in the gas mileage doesn’t come easy. But improved mileage on our 6.4 Hemi can help you go for economic life.

Power is not what we always want. And if you are on the other side where gas mileage is necessary for you, you have to sort that out with the help of some specific process. We are always here for your help. If you want to know how to improve gas mileage on 6.4 Hemi, we can help you out.

Here, for your convenience, we have come up with the best methods of improving the gas mileage. Go through them and thank us later! Just share your experience in our comment box!