How To Reset GM Instrument Cluster

If you see flickering gauges or inaccurate readings on your vehicle, you might find it tough to drive. And the reason behind this is the bad instrument cluster. So, to run the car properly, you must know how to reset GM Instrument Cluster.

Though you can drive the GM without it, it will risk your transportation. Also, there will be no information regarding the speed, heat, fuel, distance. You will never know about the low fuel and check engine situation!

However, if you want to get the new ones, the expense will only be heavy on your wallet. And so, resetting can save you a lot! Here, we have made a step by step process on resetting the GM instrument cluster. Go through this, and you will never be disappointed!

Step by step process on how to reset GM instrument cluster

Step 1: Removing headlight fuses

In this first step, you have to go through the headlight. Here, all you need to do is turn the headlight on and then off.

You must do this process repeatedly at first. When you continuously turn the light off and on, it might affect the HID headlights. As a result, the lifetime of the HID headlights will surely increase!

Beforehand, you have to check the fuse box that is situated under the hood. From this place, you have to remove the 15A right and left low headlight fuses.

Go through positions 1 and 6. However, we always recommend you settle for the owner’s manual.

Check the manual and then decide which positions you need to get your hands on. And then, complete this step.

Note: In this case, you have to ensure that you are reinstalling the headlight fused with the low beam. So, before you start driving, re-check this for your safety.

Step 2: Working with the ignition key

Here, you have to get the ignition key first. After getting the key, you have to check the ignition lock and put the key inside it.

When you are done putting the key inside, move it, and get back to the position zero. You can also keep it in position 1.

Step 3: Pushing sel/reset Button

After you have selected the position zero or one, you can go for the next step. In this part, you have to work with the SEL/RESET knob.

All you have to do is push it. Please don’t leave it. You have to hold it there. If you are not getting the Sel/Reset button, you can check the instrument panel.

You will see the button beside the fuel gauge. If your car doesn’t include the button there, you can check below another button called Multi-Information Display Info.

You will find it on the right side of the steering wheel. Search for it, push it, and hold it there!

Step 4: Turning the headlight on

After you have searched for the Sel/Reset button and hold it for a few seconds, you have to get your hands on the headlights again. This time, you have to turn on the headlights.

Step 5: Turning the ignition switch on

Once you are done with the headlights, you have to move forward and run your hands on the ignitions switch. In this step, you have to turn on the ignition switch carefully.

Note: When you have turned on the headlights and the ignition switch, prepare for some additional lights.

When you see some extra light coming on, you will understand that it is working. In this case, you have to be serious about your security.

And so, you must wear the seatbelt. If you forget to wear a belt, the car will give you a warning chime. When you hear the sound, you have to wear it if you are not wearing it.

Step 6: Continuous off and on process

When you see the lights coming on, you have to get prepared for this process. You should make sure that you are fast in this step.

Within five seconds, you have to do your job of switching the headlights off and then turning them on.

Make sure that you are already holding the Sel/Reset button. Keeping the button on hold, you have to get your hands on the headlights.

And then, all you need to do is turn the headlight first and then turn it off. After this, you have to turn it off again. We told you earlier that you need to get ready for this process!

Step 7: Releasing the button

Now that you are done turning off and on and off the headlights, you have to move your hands fast to the Sel/Reset button again.

You don’t need to hold it anymore. Release the button. You will get five seconds. Make sure you complete the work within the time!

Step 8: Keep repeating

In the process of how to reset GM instrument Cluster, the process of repeating is typical.

Here, you have to repeat doing the same work, but in this case, it’s not the headlights but the Sel/Reset button!

It would help if you pushed the Sel/Reset button first. And now, you have to release the button. Continue pushing it and then releasing it. You will need to do this three times continuously.

With the help of every press on the Sel/Reset button, there will be new cycling of the gauges. In this process, it will initiate another cycling that contains all the gauges

And we are almost done with the process of resetting it. In this situation, you will see that the instrument cluster will start self-testing!

Step 9: Ending it

So, you are done with resetting the GM Instrument cluster. Now, you have to end it. Please go through the ignitions switch and switch it off.

There is another way of turning it off. You have to start the vehicle and take the speed more than 1.5 mph. As a result, it will end automatically.

Step 10: Reinstalling headlights fuses

You are done with the resetting; now, you have to reinstall the headlight fuses. Do you remember the 15A headlight fuses?

Yes, you have to reinstall them. Take them to the underhood fuse box and reinstall them.


Wrap Up

If you own a GM, you know how annoying it is not to get the current information when you are driving. And to sort if out, all you need to do is reset the instrument cluster!

Please take a look at the method we have presented here. This quick method can help you if you are searching about how to reset GM instrument cluster. Also, comment below how you reset it!