How to tell if you Need New Spark Plugs: Know The 6 Signs

We all know that engine is the heart of your car. But do you know what starts your engine? Yes, you guessed right, the spark plugs! The spark your engine requires for starting the car is provided by the spark plugs!

But you must know that spark plugs get damaged. Sometimes, the worn out spark plugs can be very dangerous for your car. If you want to keep your car safe, you will need spark plugs that work perfectly.

You do not need to change spark plugs frequently. You can travel more or less 80,000 miles before you need to replace your spark plugs. But if you don’t understand when to change them, how would you change them?

So, here, we will tell you when you should understand that you need new spark plugs replacing the old ones. Check out the easy signs!

6 Signs Your Spark Plugs Need to be Replaced

1. Check Engine Light

If you are well aware of the engine issues of your car, you already know when you need to change the spark plugs. The basic signal you will get when it comes to changing the spark plugs is the check engine light. If you see that your spark plug is failing, the first thing you need to check the check engine light. If you see that that check engine light is coming, you have to understand that your spark plugs have issues. Also, sometimes, the check engine light flashes. This is the situation where you have to go through the spark plugs and might change them for the betterment of your engine.

If you ignore the check engine light issue that is caused by the old spark plugs, you might end up going through unwanted accidents. Engine misfire is a common accident if you are not careful enough about this. It might result in your check engine light to pop on too! When you see a flashing engine light, you must understand that it is a sign of potentially catastrophic misfire.

All you need to do in this case is to change the spark plugs. This will cost you less that any catastrophic engine-misfire. If you go through this situation, we will recommend you t replace the spark plugs beforehand so that you can settle for preventative maintenance. For this, all you need is the manufacturer’s specifications. Misfire can also put stress on the exhaust cleaner of your engine.

Note: Here, you have to understand one more thing. When you see check engine light flashing, there can be several reasons behind this. It doesn’t flash only for the spark plugs. So, there can be other issues related to the check engine light. Before you change the spark plugs, check properly if your sparks plugs are actually not working or you are just misinterpreting the sign.

2. Gas Tank requires more Gas

When the spark plugs of your car are in the last stage, you might see that the gas mileage is not working for you as before. The spark plugs will eventually take it out on the gas mileage of your vehicle. When you have worn our spark plugs in your vehicle, it can easily have an effect on the gas tank.

As a result, the fuel consumption of your vehicle will increase suddenly. The reason behind this is the fuel that gets inside the engine is not burning effectively. Consequently, you will see that that you need to fill up your gas tank more frequently.

Also, the cost on the fueling your vehicle will increase! In this situation, you should understand that it is time to change the worn out spark plugs!

3. Starting takes time

One of the most common issues regarding your vehicle is the engine takes time to start. Your car might be going through trouble starting for so many reasons. But one of them is worn out spark plugs. Spark plugs are important for your engine. When it comes to the spark plugs, one of the most important jobs they do is to offer the spark to the engine so that it can start!

Now, if the works of the spark plugs are to provide spark, it they are worn out, how can they do their job? When you will not get food for days, you won’t be able to work. If your engine doesn’t get the spark, it won’t start! This is simple, I guess!

When the plugs are worn out, they will take too much time to create the spark that your engine needs for powering the engine properly. If you see your car stalling when you turn it on, your vehicle has damaged spark plugs. Change the spark plugs as soon as possible!

4. Late Acceleration

As you are driving your vehicle for a longer period, you already know how your vehicle works. If someday you start your car and on the road, you see that your vehicle is not responsive just like before, it is time to take major steps.

If you do not understand the fact properly, you must notice the acceleration of your car. If you see that you are not able to accelerate your vehicle the way you used to do before, the spark plugs of your car are damaged. You don’t want a sluggish and fuel-guzzling vehicle, do you? Change the spark plugs!

5. Rough Engine

In most cases, the noise of the engine is soft and not too hard. If you own a car, you know how your engine sounds when you start it and drive it. However, when the spark plugs are damaged or worn out, things will not be the same anymore.

If you engine habitually purrs like a kitten and suddenly it changes, the spark plugs are the reason behind it. All you have to do is turn your music down and listen to the engine carefully. If you see that the engine noise is too much hearable or it is rattling or pining, it is time to replace your old spark plugs.

You might hear some knock-like noise if your spark plugs are not working properly. Replace your worn out spark plugs with the newer one to get smooth and less noisy peaceful drives once again!

6. Manufacturer Recommendation

When you buy a car, the manufacturer provides you, all the information regarding the car. From tip to toe, the engine to the tires, you will get all requires information in the manufacturer guidelines. Here, you will also get manufacturer recommended service interval. In that section, you will see the Vehicle’s Suggested Maintenance Schedule.

With the help of the guideline, you can easily understand when you need to replace the spark plugs. According to that, you can replace it and never face ay unwanted accidents at all!

Wrap Up

If you are having worn out plugs, this can be very harmful for your vehicle and also for you. Damaged spark plugs can cause terrible fires in your car. If you want to ignore it, all you need to do is replace the spark plugs before anything bad happens.

If you still are confused about how to tell if you need new spark plugs, you should follow the steps we have mentioned. Keeping all of these in mind, you can easily understand when it is the right time for changing it!

Have you ever faced any severe trouble regarding the spark plugs? Share with us in the comment box!