Where To Sell Used Tires: A Definitive Guide

Have you ever heard of making money from old or used tires?

Just because those tires are not useful to you doesn’t mean they are dead. The used tires can be a great alternative for people who cannot afford to purchase new ones. On the contrary, you’ll get rid of some junk and make money simultaneously.

Now, you must be wondering where to sell used tires! There are tire companies that resell or recycle used tires of all conditions, and this article will help us learn where and how we can easily sell our tires.

Where to Sell your used tires?

For your reference, we have sorted and listed Top five best options where you can sell your tires-

  1. Corporate Tire: They only accept truck tires with not too rust, critical, or major damages in them.
  2. Pomp’s Tire (Midwest tire): They only accept semi-truck tires and if that particular size is in demand.
  3. Santa Ana Wheel: They only accept tires that are original equipment manufacturers (OEM). They are very precise about the requirements, so contact and clear out whether your tires match their requirements.
  4. Tire Management, Inc.: They prefer large orders of tires at one time and currently accepting only tires from Dayton, Unimount, and Budd brand.
  5. A & A Tire & Wheel (Dallas): They accept most brands, but they only buy based on their tire demand.

Besides your nearest local tire shops, you can also pick any of the above companies to sell.

Where To Sell Used Tires For Recycling?

In case you are interested in recycling companies or centers for selling the used tires, search for the local recycling centers. You can also find a local tire recycling center by online typing “tire recycling centers near me” into google map or your favorite search engine to find more possibilities. Note that every recycling center doesn’t pay cash, so call ahead to determine if one of your local centers does.

You can also go with the Liberty Tire Center, the largest tire recycling center in the United States. They accept tires with any condition because instead of making the tires work again, they recycle them.

Where To Sell Used Tires Online?

You can also sell your tires through any of the below online portals-

  1. Tire-Trader.Com: They mainly buy and sell used truck tires and tire casings. They have contacts for both US and Canadian countries.
  2. SellMyTires.Com: It’s a classified ad listing site where you can post your advertisement with a photo, and interested buyers will contact you. The whole advertising process is free, and there is no limit to size, quality, or brands.
  3. eBay: In here, you have to upload a picture and description and then set it as an auction or “buy now.” Make sure to be straightforward with the condition, shipping fees, and payment method.
  4. Craigslist: In this 2in1 site, you need to upload a picture with a description, and people will contact you for the purchase. You can either locally meet them or ship the tires. That’s completely up to you and the buyer.
  5. Facebook Marketplace: The fastest and most direct way to sell tires where by posting just a photo and description, anyone can reach you across the world. It is all completely free.

Is It Legal To Sell Used Tires?

Generally, selling used tires is legal, but you should check your local legal regulations to see if you must acquire a business license or special permits to sell or recycle used tires.

Businesses are liable even if they were not aware of any defect at the sale time. By accepting payment for any tire, new or used, there is an expectation that the tire will provide safe handling and performance for a reasonable period.

It is important to ensure that companies are not illegally disposing of dump tires on vacant land instead of paying to have them properly disposed of. Therefore, you should check on the law to ensure that the tire is safe when sold.

How To Sell Used Tires?

We have prepared the easiest way for you to sell your used tires by following just 5 steps-

Step 1: First, you have to look for the nearest local tire dealers and speak to them beforehand regarding the selling, payment details to make sure you’ll get a better deal and the tires are also in a safe condition.

Step 2: Note that holes can be very difficult to patch and make tires difficult or impossible to sell. So, you need an inspection of your used tires for holes or signs of excessive wear.

Step 3: Also need to measure the tread on your tires. You can simply buy the tread measuring device from any auto parts store if you don’t have a homemade gauge.

Step 4: Price your tires according to tread depth and remember the more tread, the higher the price will be.

Step 5: Take current photos of your tires and add a precise short description for online selling. Advertising online sites such as American Classifieds, eBay, and Craigslist are simple to use and allow you to reach a large population.


Can I get money for used tires?

Of course, but not all recycling centers or shops pay for the used tires. Therefore, remember to contact them beforehand to make sure they pay for the types of tires you want to sell and their conditions match with you.

What is a good price for a used tire?

Though price differs based on brand, sizes, or type of tires, generally used tires are sold at $25-$100, which means it saves a good amount compared to new tires.

Do junkyards buy rims and tires?

Yes, they do. A junk dealer is a go-between you and a recycling center and also buy rims to sell them for scrap metal.


Instead of keeping waste tires in the junkyard, selling tires can be a great way to eliminate them. That’s why we have prepared this simplest guideline on where to sell used tires to make your task easier. So, let us know your thoughts on it.