Who makes Primewell tires: Everything you need to know

There is a wide range of variety when it comes to tire companies. You have a lot of options to choose from. From high-range to low-range, there are tons of brands that offer you amazing features. But not all of them will render you as good service as Primewell does.  

The cheap rated tires will give you service according to what you pay. Thanks to Primewell tires that offer you some astounding outcomes at an inexpensive price. 

As a newbie in this field, you may be unaware of the facts about Primewell tires. Many buyers don’t know who makes Primewell tires. In this article, we’ve tried to cover some information about this company. We have also been through many brainstorming hours to serve you this valuable piece of information. 

Are Primewell Tires Any Good?

Primewell tires are famous for their cheap price and great service at the same time. For those who are looking for a worthy product within a budget, these tires will work wonders for them. The ratings of these tires by its purchasers are pretty satisfying as well. 

You will rarely find tires of any brand which are inexpensive yet widely available. And the durability and safety of these branded tires will encourage you a bit more to use Primewell tires in your vehicle. If you can pick the perfect model of tire for yourself, it will synchronize with your vehicle like a match made in heaven. 

Even though there are some mixed reviews of Primewell tires, it will not be a sunk cost to buy it. The tire of this company will render you some sporty experience in wet weather. 

Who Makes Primewell Tires?

Giti company are the manufacturers of the Primewell tires. It’s a Singapore based tire manufacturer company. They have their headquarters in Singapore. They also have their sales operation in 13 countries. They manufacture tires for more than 5,400 types of vehicles. 

Primewell tires have been awarded s 9th and 14th best tire company all over the world by individual publications. We have heard about more than 100 countries that are sellers of the tires of this company. There are many brands of Giti company. GT radial, Dextero, Runway are some of their additional brands. Now we know why everyone loves Primewell tires.

Where Are Primewell Tires Made?

The tires of Primewell tires are produced in China. Local or American brands like Firestone, Wheel Works, ExpertTire sell these tires. You can also purchase them online. Maximum people have agreed on the fact that it’s better to buy online savings. It will also help a potential customer to compare the models of Primewell based on customer reviews. 

 Firestones and its affiliate companies are the brands that sell the tires. They are the prime licensed dealers in the US. These tires are made for Firestone. You can get spot customer service from real retailers through Firestone. 

About the Manufacturer

Primewell tires produce all-season tires using a rigorous and withstanding process. And that makes the company one of the best tire manufacturing companies. The company has hired more than 600 experienced R&D experienced engineers. And these R&D engineers are from 20 different countries. Isn’t that amazing?

The quality control system of this company is very appreciable. They maintain intensive quality control to ensure global quality and standards. Every Primewell tires have a single barcode in the sidewall of the tires. 

The environmental conservation of this company is stunning as well. They maintain the highest health and safety standards. Every production plant has ISO/TS 16949:2002 (highest quality control in standard) and ISO14001. 

The company has abstained from any international quality in safety and quality. This certification includes E-Mark certification, Moody international certification, China quality control center, Saudi Arabian standards, etc. 

You’ll be glad to know that the brand gives a lot of concentration to research and development. They have Primewell R&D research centers in the UK, United States, Germany, China, Indonesia. They have modern facilities to ensure top-rated tire features through research.

What Are the Types of Primewell Tires Available?

Primewell tires offer you some great variety in their manufacture. You can get tons of options to choose from if you approach the brand. If you’re looking for something on budget within a fixed range, Primewell can never go wrong.

All-season tires

If you are here for an all-season tire, Primewell ps850 is the best option to go for. When it comes to riding stability, this product is a top-notch one to rely on.



Summer tires: Primewell PS870 is very famous for its performance as a summer tire. The jointless overlay construction that aces in the bumpy roads like a pro. 

Luxurious tires: If you’ve been craving for premium comfort and luxury, Valera Touring II Tire is the right one for you. They yield good results in all weather. 

What Are the Best Primewell Tires?

Let’s brief you about the top 3 Primewell tires!

Primewell ps850

  • All-season tires
  • A good choice for smaller passenger vehicles
  • Perfect for use with smaller 13″ rims

Primewell Valera H/T

  • Every season tires
  • Suitable for bulkier passenger vehicles
  • Wider rims go well with them

Primewell PS870

  • Summer-friendly tires
  • Gains fine traction
  • Rides will even in bumpy roads


Which Primewell tires are good for light trucks?

When it comes to light trucks, Primewell PA100S is a decent choice. It’ll provide you with one of the best off-road services. 

What is the speed rating of Primewell PS830/850 tires?

  1. 118. mph, H. 130. mph, V. 149. mph is the ideal speed rating of Primewell PS830/850. 

How Bad are Primewell Tires?

If you are scouring for tires that will go far in the long run, Primewell tires might not be the best option. But it’s a good bid for budget finders.


Primewell tires have been serving its customer with mind-boggling features and performance since its discovery. If you have no desire to compromise with the quality of your car’s tire, go for Primewell tires. 

In this article, we’ve tried to inform you about who makes Primewell tires. If you have a glance at this article, you will know everything that you may need to know before making a purchase. Let us know if the article helps you to make a purchase.