5 Best Carburetors for 350 Chevy in 2022

A carburetor mixes the air and fuel in the proper ratio for internal combustion engines. To achieve your 350 Chevy’s highest strength and performance, you need to install a top-quality carburetor. 

With carburetors, you can control the amount of air that flows through the carb with the help of the throttle. You also can determine how much fuel is injected into the air stream turning the circuits. When you use the right carb and adjust it accordingly, you’ll get an optimized engine performance and better fuel efficiency. 

If you are in trouble to get the right carburetor, this article comes with a list of some best carburetors for 350 Chevy with the essential buying guide to help finding the right one.

<b>Let’s have a quick glance at my top picked carburetor for Chevy 350:</b><b> </b>

1. Edelbrock 1406 Performer CarburetorPreferable For Small-Block And Small Displacement Big-Block Engines

Engineered for optimum marine performance, shiny silver finish and calibrated for gasoline, single feed fuel inlet, capable of operating cooler temperatures, and electric choke with 4-barrel square bore carburetor flange.

2. Holley 0-1850S Classic CarburetorMost Reliable And Easy To Install Carburetor

Universal calibration for easy bolt-on installation, Gold Dichromate finish for corrosion resistance, manual choke, vacuum secondaries, unique shiny finish.

3. Rochester 2GC 2 Barrel CarburetorPreferable If You Are In Budget

Heavy-duty metal construction, high-speed circuits, allows more air to pass through, manual choke.

4. Partol 2 Barrel CarburetorFor Improved Fuel Economy

Metal construction & Durable, comes with a gasket and a seal, 2-barrel carb, offers better fuel economy, doesn’t provide better acceleration.

5. Demon 1901 Polymer Street CarburetorIdeal For Stock V8 Engines and extreme cold weather

4-barrel carb that delivers stable idle, smooth performance, electric choke, torsion spring valve control for crisp primary to secondary throttle response. 

Review of The Best Carburetors for 350 Chevy

While researching, I kept my eyes on the products that help improve your fuel economy and ensure smooth idle and better throttle response. In this section, I’ll provide a detailed description of all of the carbs in my list. So, let’s begin. 

1. Edelbrock 1406 Performer Series Carburetor – Preferable For Small-Block And Small Displacement Big-Block Engines


The Edelbrock 1406 Performer Series 600 CFM is a precisely tuned and quality-built carburetor that delivers reliable and consistent street performance. Designed for small-block and small displacement big-block engines, the four-barrel carb is suggested for stock to performer level applications.

Edelbrock 1406 comes with a two-piece, all-aluminum construction for cooler operating temperatures and less warping. In order to eliminate the leakage issue, there are no gaskets below the fuel bowl and no plastic parts or power valves to blow out that keeps the carb unaffected by engine backfires. The rods can be changes immediately without removing the carburetor and fuel draining. 

The performer series carburetor offers an electric choke that includes both timed and full vacuum ports for easy and quick ignition. The carb utilizes metering rods to ensure transition rods between circuits. 

The four-barrel carb features non-adjustable secondary air valves and a primary venturi booster for smoother acceleration and better drivability. You’ll receive an owner’s manual with the high-quality carb. The operation and tuning procedures are described in the manual that help you develop your customized calibration. A calibration reference chart is also included for the model to assist you while tuning.

? Pros:
  • Easy to install
  • Instant throttle response
  • Electric choke helps easy starting
? Cons:
  • May require to buy a regulator 

2. Holley 0-1850S Classic Carburetor – Most Reliable And Easy To Install Carburetor


If you want to get a carburetor for reliable performance, Holley brings 1850S carburetor with their hundred years of experience in making carbs. The carb uses the latest technologies and high-quality products that help it ensure people’s reliability. 

The carb features a Gold Dichromate finish for corrosion resistance, and classic Holley looks. It is constructed from aluminum and calibrated to Universal V8 engine standards to have a great run straight out of the box. 

The high-powered carb produces about 600 CFM, which is preferable for slightly modified engines. However, it features a manual choke that has to be controlled by connected cables. It might not be as effortless as an electric choke but offers more reliability at giving a successful jolt to the engine.

The vacuum secondaries attached help build up the force that effortlessly sends air to the venturi at higher torque values. The vacuum secondary valves are also designed for heavy engines like 350 Chevy. 

Holley 1850S comes with a single fuel feed inlet, which makes the installation process easy. The carb also offers power-valve blow-out protection. It carries a ninety days limited warranty period. 

? Pros:
  • Easy installation 
  • Universal calibration 
  • 100% wet-flow tested 
? Cons:
  • Manual choke 

3. Rochester 2GC 2 Barrel Carburetor – Preferable If You Are In Budget


If you are looking for a sturdy yet affordable carburetor, Rochester 2GC 2 Barrel Carb can be an excellent option for you. The aftermarket high-performance engine carburetor adds more horsepower while maintaining nearly stock fuel mileage. 

Rochester 2GC includes a Chevrolet mounting gasket, seal, and a pre-installed mounting gasket fuel filter. The carb is constructed with heavy-duty metal that ensures its longevity. Also, the material keeps the device safe even if you go for high-speed rides very often.  

If you are the one without prior knowledge of adjusting a carburetor, this one makes your life easy. The two-barrel carb starts working great right after getting out of the box. 

Despite being quite affordable, the carb with a large base still offers better fuel efficiency while enhancing the horsepower. So, it won’t disappoint you if you are searching for a budget carburetor for 350 Chevy. 

? Pros:

  • Affordable price tag
  • Comes with gasket and seal
  • Preferable for low to mid-level of rpm
? Cons:
  • Choke adjustment is a bit tricky

4. Partol 2 Barrel Carburetor – For Improved Fuel Economy


Partol Two Barrel Carburetor is designed for small block Chevrolet engines, which is known to deliver enhanced fuel economy. It also provides better mileage and improved horsepower. 

The partol carburetor is constructed with heavy-duty metal that delivers the highest strength and durability. Also, the carb lasts quite a long time with this study built material. 

The carb comes with a gasket and a seal that keeps it free from leakage. If you buy the carb, make sure to clean the oil channels frequently to prevent oil blockage. 

The two-barrel carburetor also comes with improved throttle response for better engine performance. It is capable of adding 5~10% horsepower and maintain near stock fuel mileage. So, you’ll definitely get an improved fuel economy if you consider buying the high-quality carb.  

? Pros:
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Improved throttle response
  • Heavy-duty metal construction
? Cons:
  • May not get expected acceleration 

5. Demon 1901 Polymer Street Carburetor – Ideal For Stock V8 Engines and extreme cold weather


If you are from a cold place and searching for the best carburetor for your stock or slightly modified V8 engine, Demon 1901 Polymer Street Carburetor would be a perfect fit. The street carburetor is a straightforward four-barrel carburetor designed to provide a stable idle, amazingly crisp throttle response, and smooth performance.

Demon 1901 comes with 625 CFM airflow, which is ideal for most stock to mildly modified V8s. Again, the electric choke helps easy cold starts. Moreover, the aerospace Composite fuel bowl offers significantly higher heat insulation over aluminum fuel bowl. The bowl keeps fuel up to 20°C cooler for optimum performance with modern fuels. 

The carb is integrated with a gasket above fuel level, and there are no plugged passages to eliminate all potential leak paths. So, you don’t need to worry about the leakage issues. A small 1-3/8" primary throttle bore combined with Triple-Stack boosters deliver amazingly crisp throttle response and drivability.

Demon 1901 also includes a single fuel inlet, which makes the installation process easy and smooth. It features two-stage metering rods control, which is easily accessible without carburetor disassembly or removal. So, you won’t regret buying the street carburetor for your V8 engine. 

? Pros:
  • No leakage 
  • Electric shock
  • Delivers smooth idling  
  • Provides higher heat insulation
? Cons:
  • May get rust on the rods 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Carburetor For 350 Chevy

While buying a Chevy 350 performance carburetor, you have some important factors to consider. In this section, I'll discuss some of the key considerations that you need to make before buying a quality carburetor for the engine. Make sure to go through the points if you don’t want to end up buying a wrong carb. 

Proper Carburetor Size 

Many people believe in the words, “the bigger, the better”. It seems that the bigger the carb is, the greater power it delivers to the engine. Bigger carbs indeed can draw in high volumes of air and fuel for better fuel efficiency. But they have drawbacks too.

Bigger carburetors provide maximum horsepower at the top-range RPM but fail to do so at low and mid-range RPM. You’ll face the exact opposite situation if you choose too small carbs. 


Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM is a measurable value that tells how much air will flow through the venturi. There’s a simple formula to find out the value of the CFM that your engine requires. The formula is,

CFM = (Cubic Inches X RPM X Volumetric Efficiency) ÷ 3456

Most ordinary stock engines are capable of getting around 80% volumetric efficiency, modified engines have approximately 85%, and race engines provide more than 95%. 

While doing the calculation, provide the exact number of rpm the engine will see. It’s better to get a smaller carb than required rather than installing an oversized one unless you want poor performance and drivability. 

Electric Vs. Manual Choke

Well, choke controls the air volume that enters into the inlet. When the choke is open, more air gets in, and when it's closed, less air gets in. 

There’re two types of choke available; electric choke and manual choke. Most people prefer electric choke as they don't need to do anything to adjust the airflow. Engines with electric choke perform better, especially in colder places where starting the engine is complicated. 

Intake Manifold 

The manifold vacuum is responsible for feeding the air-fuel mixture to all the engine cylinders to ensure a better fuel economy. You can use different types of intake manifold for enhancing drivability. 

For example, you should use a dual-plane intake manifold for low to mid-level of rpm and a single-plane manifold for mid to high-level of rpm. 

Number Of Barrels 

Different carburetors come with either two or four barrels. A carb with two barrels may not be able to handle high rpm and hence isn’t suitable for enhanced acceleration. For that, you’d need a carburetor with four barrels. 


If you have come this far, by now, you know that finding a high-quality carburetor isn’t an easy process. I believe my buying guide will help you get sufficient knowledge on what to look for while choosing a carburetor. 

Also, the products I’ve listed are already famous and proven for your expensive model. You can go for the one that suits you the most. I hope this article helps you find the best carburetor for 350 Chevy. Have a safe drive ahead. 

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