5 Best Spark Plugs For Hyundai Elantra You Can Buy in 2022

Driving a unit of Hyundai Elantra should be an excellent experience for you. However, to get the finest performance from the sedan, you need to choose and install all aftermarket accessories wisely. 

Likewise, you should search for premium quality spark plugs to provide consistent sparks for starting the engine. In case you are experiencing low gas mileage, rough idling, random misfires, and poor acceleration, and if the engine doesn’t start properly, it’s probably time to change your current spark plugs. 

If you are confused about getting the highly reliable OEM parts, I’m here to hold you back. In this article, I will discuss some of the best spark plugs for Hyundai Elantra with a buying guide. After reading the whole article, you’ll be able to choose the exact one for your car.

First, have a glance at my top <strong>recommended spark plugs for Hyundai Elantra</strong>:

1. NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug – Most Premium Spark Plug With High-Performing Features

Offers extreme ignitability, improved throttle response and superior anti-fouling, consistent, stable spark and minimizes electrical quenching effect, high durability to heat and electrical wear. 

2. DENSO PLATINUM TT Spark Plugs – Excellent Durable Plug For Modern Vehicles

Twin-tip design improves ignitability and extends reliability, minimizes tip erosion, fights against corrosion and erosion, and improves fuel efficiency and misfire.

3. NGK BKR5E-11 V-Power Spark Plug – Great For Older Vehicles  

Special V-cut center electrode increases ignitibility, requires lower voltage to ignite, easily adjustable gap, less misfire, ensures more gas mileage, great pricing. 

4. Bosch Automotive Double Iridium Spark Plug – Great For Enhancing Fuel Economy In Low Budget

360-degree continuous laser welding technology for extreme durability and long life, eliminates pre-ignition and fouling, requires no anti-seize, prevents flashover. 

5. NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug– Great For Superior Ignitibility And Lower Emissions

Operates in wide heat range, resists carbon build-up and pre-ignition, eliminates the possibility of combustion gas leakage, improved fuel efficiency, and lower emissions. 

Best Spark Plugs For Hyundai Elantra: My Honest Review 

I’ve study enough and searched for the best spark plugs for Hyundai Elantra available and compatible. After going through a lot of research, I’ve brought to you some of the top-class plugs that you can use for your beloved car. 

1. NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug – Most Premium With High-Performing Features

If you are a performance enthusiast who chooses each accessory to enhance driving performance on the road, this NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug is for you. The plug offers extreme ignitability, improved throttle response, and superior anti-fouling to ensure an easy start and quick acceleration. 

The NGK Iridium IX comes with a 0.6 mm laser welded fine Iridium tip that ensures its high durability and long life. The tip also provides consistent sparks throughout its lifetime. Also, the tapered ground electrode minimizes the electrical quenching effect.

The iridium plug’s long insulator nose helps in preventing fouling. Again, there are corrugated ribs on the insulator to prevent flashover so that you won’t fall in trouble by any sudden ignition. Moreover, there is a triple gasket seal to eliminate combustion gas leakage. 

In case you are thinking about the heat range of the NGK IX, let me assure you that the solid copper core offers superior heat dissipation and a broad heat range. Iridium alloy has a very high melting point, giving it high durability to heat and electrical wear, making it perfect for modern high-performance engines. 

The trivalent metal plating of the iridium spark plugs features superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties. The high-performance NGK plug comes with one year warranty even though they last more than that. 

? Pros:
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Prevents anti-fouling 
  • Superior heat dissipation 
  • Features anti-corrosion property 
? Cons:
  • Expensive 

2. DENSO PLATINUM TT Spark Plugs – Excellent Durable Plug For Modern Vehicles 

If you aren’t satisfied with the regular platinum spark plug, DENSO offers a cutting-edge technology in a platinum-titanium design. 

While conventional platinum plugs use platinum for only the center electrode, the DENSO Platinum TT Spark Plug features 1.1 mm platinum on the center electrode and a titanium-enhanced alloy on the ground electrode. This unique feature enhances durability and minimizes tip erosion.

The Platinum TT’s twin-tip design helps in improving ignitability and extending reliability. Both platinum and titanium metals work efficiently to prevent corrosion and erosion. The minimum-quench electrode design increases fuel efficiency. Next time you get low fuel efficiency, don’t forget to switch to the Platinum TT spark plug. 

With ensuring superior spark performance to start faster, the durable spark plug is capable of extended operation in excess of 60,000 miles. In addition, the secondary tip on the ground electrode results in less obstruction of spark growth while maintaining the same gap as always.

The DENSO Platinum TT Spark Plug offers a 12 months warranty period. However, the plugs are compatible with the rigorous industry standard and built with precise engineering to last long. 

? Pros:
  • Extremely durable 
  • Reduces tip erosion
  • Enhanced flame propagation 
  • Comes with a relatively small price tag
? Cons:
  • Isn’t recommended for old vehicles 

3. NGK BKR5E-11 V-Power Spark Plug – Great For Older Vehicles  

If you are using an old model Hyundai Elantra, The NGK V-Power Spark Plug is probably the most suitable choice for you. The nickel-tipped plug features a v-grooved nickel alloy center electrode, which helps to spark near the air/fuel mixture for quick ignition. 

The economical NGK V-Power Spark Plug enhances ignitability that places it over standard nickel-type plugs. It reduces the voltage requirement for the ignition system. It also enables complete fuel ignition within the combustion chamber via the spark they create. The plugs are built to last at least up to 30,000 miles.

The V-Power spark plug features cold-rolled threads to prevent damage to the cylinder head. The trivalent metal plating offers superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties. Its unique five-rib insulator prevents spark flashover that may result in harmful misfires, while the triple gasket sealing process virtually eliminates gas leakage. 

This OE spark plug comes with an alumina silicate ceramic insulator that provides superior strength and better heat transfer over OEM and other plugs. Also, the solid copper core of the spark plug provides superior heat dissipation, conductivity, and a broader heat range for increased fuel economy and lower emissions. 

It’s unique insulator design is treated with corrosion-resistant plating to ensure ease of installation and removal. NGK, being the dominant spark plug manufacturer, brings the V-Power plugs to solve all the problems you’re facing with your old spark plugs. 

? Pros:
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Broad heat range with excellent heat dissipation 
  • Unique insulator prevents flashover
  • Ensures quick ignition
? Cons:
  • Doesn’t last long as platinum or iridium plugs

4. Bosch Automotive Double Iridium Spark Plug – Great For Enhancing Fuel Economy In Low Budget

If you are looking for the most fuel economy spark plugs having eyes on the price as well, I recommend trying out the Bosch Automotive Double Iridium Spark Plug. The premium spark plug offers unparallel ignitibility and high-performance throughout its lifespan. 

The Bosch Double Iridium Spark Plug offers incredible durability with the help of 360-degree continuous laser welding to fuse the iridium firing pin. Again, the plug comes with an ultra-fine wire design for exceptional strength and durability. 

The copper core ground electrode of the plug provides a broad heat range that eliminates pre-ignition and fouling. Its fine wire firing pin decreases voltage requirement while producing consistent sparks. 

The Bosch spark plug incorporates a nickel-plated shell with rolled threads that require no anti-seize and provides protection from corrosion. Moreover, you will rest assured with the ribbed insulator design that prevents flashover. 

The double iridium spark plug is effortless to install and remove. Last but not least, you will get optimal sparks, and there’s no adjustment necessary, as the plugs require no gapping before installation. 

Reviewers got noticeable fuel economy gain after installing the spark plug. So, if you’re searching plugs for gaining fuel efficiency, the Bosch double iridium spark plug won’t disappoint you.

? Pros:
  • Laser welded tapered ground electrode enhances durability
  • Affordable and amazing OE replacement 
  • No gapping required
  • No anti-seize required and corrosion protected
? Cons:
  • Doesn’t last as long as compared with the others

5. NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug – Great For Superior Ignitibility And Lower Emissions 

NGK is one the most reliable spark plug manufacturers available, and here I bring another premium spark plug from NGK for your car. The Laser Iridium Spark Plugs aim to provide superior ignitability and long service life with improved fuel efficiency and fewer emissions. 

The NGK spark plug features a laser-welded iridium center electrode tip, which ensures high durability and greater spark. The plug also comes with a platinum disc welded to the backside of the ground electrode to provide superior ignitability and long life. 

The laser iridium plug is designed to ignite the air/fuel mixture within the combustion chamber. The products stay protected from combustion gas leaking with the help of their triple-gasket sealing. 

The spark plug also features an alumina silicate insulator to transfer away heat from the tip to ensure maximum performance. It is built with corrugated ribs to eliminate flashover and features cold-rolled threads to make the installation/removal process easy. Its trivalent metal plating offers superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties. 

? Pros:
  • Laser welded center electrode enhances durability
  • Offers superior ignitibility and long life
  • Enhanced heat transfer
  • Easy to install
? Cons:
  • Expensive

How to Choose the Best Spark Plugs For Hyundai Elantra

Well, there are few things you need to look for before buying any spark plug for your car. Here, I bring some of those factors that will help you to get the finest one. 

Types Of Spark Plugs

Different metals are used in the construction of spark plugs. They are copper, platinum, and iridium. The type of metal used can make a massive difference in both performance and fuel economy. Your manufacturer should recommend a specific metal type, but there’s always room to upgrade, isn’t it? Let’s find out their differences at a glance.

Copper: Copper spark plugs are the cheapest and very basic plugs available. They’re known to provide good fuel economy for old model vehicles. 

Platinum: Platinum spark plugs help to eliminate gap erosion and fire smoothing for a quick start. 

Double platinum: The double platinum spark plugs offer platinum to platinum firing, which is preferred for DIS engines. The plugs provide faster acceleration and offer better fuel efficiency. 

Iridium: Iridium spark plugs are the most technologically advanced plugs available in the market. They deliver better ignitibility, durability, and optimum performance. 

Compatibility Check

Check the manufacturer’s manual of your car whether your preferred plug is compatible with it or not. Also, find the number of plugs required for the engine. 

Pre-gapped Plug Or Not

If you are interested in buying pre-gapped spark plugs, make sure you know the recommended gap instructed in the manufacturer’s manual. Nowadays, most of the plugs available in the market are pre-gapped. You need to adjust the gap for Hyundai Elantra. 

Heat Range

The atmosphere of your place plays a vital role in deciding whether to buy a “hot” or “cold” plug. Hot spark plugs offer a better heat insulator and thus keep the firing tip hotter. On the other hand, cold plugs transfer heat rapidly to keep the firing tip cooler.

Don’t Forget To Check The Nut Size

You should also consider the thread and nuts’ size on the plug that you want to buy. If they perfectly match with your drive, you’re good to go. 

When to Change Spark Plugs Of Hyundai Elantra?

The manufacturer’s manual should instruct you when you need to change the spark plugs of the Hyundai Elantra. Usually, a set of quality spark plugs may last up to 100,000 miles or at least 60,000 miles. However, you may need a new set of plugs earlier or later, depending on your driving pattern and conditions.  


Hyundai Elantra is famous for providing reliable and comfortable rides. To get the most out of the car, you need to inspect and place all parts carefully. No wonder you would like to have the best spark plugs for Hyundai Elantra

I tried to make an effort to assist you in finding the top-quality spark plugs for your sedan to ensure your amazing experience with the car. Thanks for reading the whole article. Do let me know if the article helps you out. 

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