How to Get More Power out of my 4.7 Dodge? Easy Bolt on Power

From cars to trucks to pickups, all we want is fast speed. It is because speed is the only key to success when it comes to managing time.

But are you ready to pay a thousand bucks for this process? Some will say NO and some will say YES. And so, another fact here is the economy. To be précised, the fuel economy is what we mean.

So, when it comes to increasing power, both the performance and the economy are what we think about. If you own a 4.7L Dodge, you might ask us how to get more power out of my 4.7 Dodge.

And if you are confused, we will help you out! Let us know how!

Increment of Performance

When it comes to increasing the performance of your favorite engine, you might be in trouble. However, it is not too tough if you want to do it. In terms of increasing the power and performance of your engines, there are different options you can settle for. Here, we will talk about two different factors that you need to think about before you plan to get more power from your engine.

Fuel economy and the horsepower and torque are the important factors in this case. Also, you must know that we will be talking about 4.7 Dodge. So, if you own one of them, feel free to follow the rules and power the performance of your Dodge!

When you decide on upgrading the performance, you should know that in some cases, the fuel economy along with the horsepower and torque are improved. However, in some other cases, you will see that only the horsepower and torque are improved. As a result, the fuel economy is sacrificed.

But you should be happy because if you are dealing with the Dodge 4.7L V8, you can easily improve both fuel economy and the power that includes torque and horsepower. In this process, several upgrades are available. And as an outcome, you will get an engine that can run more efficiently. But if you want, you can also upgrade the power more and use fuel for this!

Increase Engine Power of 4.7L Dodge

Cold Air Intake

If you want to upgrade the performance of Dodge 4.7L V8, you can try installing a cold air intake system. If the engine takes in more cold air, the performance will increase. In this process, more cold air from the outside gets in.

You already know that warm air is less dense where cold air is denser. On the other hand, cold air is amazing for creating greater pressure in the cylinders of the engine. When the cylinder will get more pressure you will see better ignition. On the contrary, the engine will be capable of affording additional acceleration. Also, the power will increase.

If we talk about the fuel economy then you must know that it is also possible to improve this with the help of this process. When cold air intake is done, the power of the engines comes from the additional air from the outside. If you compare the extra air with the extra fuel, you already know that the extra air is much more cost-efficient. So, additional fuel is not required.

You can go for the 54-11632 from aFe Power and 63-1529 from K&N if you have a Dodge 4.7L v8 models.  With the help of this process, you will be able to add 8 to 14 horsepower if you use these products. Try it and you will see how your Dodge 4.7L is running better than before!

Performance Control Module

If you want the increase the power of your Dodge 4.7 a little more, you can try this process too. If you can alter the fuel-to-air mixture of your Engine and replace it with Performance Control Model, you will get additional power to the engine. It is also called as PCM.

The work of these chips and tuners is to control the fuel-to-air mixture. You will get the opportunity to control the mixture from the cab of your truck!

On the other side, if you are really into adding fuel economy to your Dodge 4.7L, you can rely on this process. All you have to do is lessen the amount of fuel that is injected into the cylinders of your engine. Here, you might prefer to get some more power to get a better engine. If you are planning so, you have to program the chip. All you need to do is create a richer mixture by programming it. The richer mixture will be able to boost the horsepower of your engine easily!

For your favorite 4.7L V8, you can go for any chips that are available in the market. Several manufacturers work for this process. You can go for the Jet and Hypertech companies as they are highly reputed for their chips!

Performance Exhaust

The engine expends a lot of energy for venting exhaust gases. The exhaust system of the engine tries to restrict the gas flow. And during this, the engine spent energy to push the gas from the cylinder. The more the gas flow, the higher the energy. As a result, the engine needs to afford so much energy to restrict the gas flow.

If you upgrade to high flow and go for the performance exhaust system, this will lessen the backpressure of the gas on the engine. This work is done with the help of high flow mufflers, high flow catalytic converters, and large diameter exhaust pipes. The cat black systems from Magnaflow and Borla can help you in the performance exhaust process.

Wrap Up

In this world of fast pace, faster speed of your vehicle is necessary. More necessary is to own an engine that works better to afford better speed. However, you cannot change the engine every year just to get the speed you want. And so, we are here to tell you how you can get more power out of your 4.7L Dodge.

Go through the processes we have mentioned above. All you have to do is follow them and you are ready with an engine that has added power to uplift your mood and journey!