Magnaflow vs Flowmaster: The Ultimate Comparison

As both brands produce excellent quality exhaust systems, you may get confused about which one to choose for your vehicle. 

The basic difference between Magnaflow vs Flowmaster is that the first one produces a deep and loud sound, where the other one offers something more tuned.

However, that is not all. I have researched thoroughly and described all of their differences in this article. In the end, you will be able to know which brand is perfect according to your preferences.

Magnaflow Exhaust System Review

The top leading American exhaust system brand, Magnaflow, produces unique quality products for its customers. It ensures the optimum performance of their exhausts by thorough testing and evaluation. 

Many other leading brands maintain these types of quality but specifically why should we choose Magnaflow Exhaust?

We can pick it for several reasons like it gives the vehicle extra horsepower that is extraordinary from many others. 

As its Exhaust is crafted from restriction-free 409 stainless steel and its mufflers have a straight-through design, the muffler’s steel core feature does not restrict exhaust gas and helps the gas exceed average speed. So, the vehicle gets more horsepower. 

Moreover, this feature enables the car to warm up quickly and maintain a consistent temperature throughout the ride. 

Magnaflow Exhaust system also reduces engine heat relieving backpressure, so if you want to get the most efficiency and speed from your car, it will not disappoint you. 

Again, it will also improve exhaust scavenging that gives extra power and greater competency. And the Magnaflow catalytic converter maximizes exhaust flow and reduces harmful pollutants out of the gases. 

Now come to its robust performance sound quality, Magnaflow Muffler has dense acoustic packing material inside, which allows sound to go through straight; and it filters out vibration, harsh noise, sinister resonance resulting in a smooth, throaty growl.  

Furthermore, the stainless-steel exhaust can fight with corrosion and grants an unbeatable lifetime warranty. 

The long-sustained reputation or long-term product development makes the Magnaflow a superior brand in the auto industry. Besides, exhaust installation is also effortless and hassle-free, requires only simple hand tools. 

But the high performer also has a bit downside; some customer complains as the muffler takes a long time up to 400 miles to settle down the sound. Sometimes the product needs more power, which also makes a minor issue for the buyers. 

Flowmaster Exhaust System Review

Like the Magnaflow Exhaust system, Flowmaster is also a moving American exhaust company that manufactures unique and awe-inspiring accessories for muscle cars, cars, trucks, or SUVs. 

So, what are the benefits of Flowmaster? This excellent exhaust system can reconfigure the vehicle’s exhaust system and boost its acceleration to get a more outstanding performance. 

If I talk about its sound, you can get a mild, moderate or super-aggressive Flowmaster suitable for your quitter or louder car. 

Moreover, the mufflers of it come with a chamber-style design and use metal plates to separate the sound waves. And they also don’t require a break-in period to hear the sound all time you get in the first drive like the acoustical packing, it doesn’t take 400 miles to settle into the typical sound. 

In addition, this famous brand requires a custom-crafted system for an easy installation and makes your vehicle better than ever. 

Again, its top product features aluminized steel construction with true mandrel-bent, which allows restriction-free smoothest flow. Another thing is any vehicle can surpass on the road with the Flowmaster; this also helps to increase your miles per gallon and save money. 

This brand not just offers wide ranges of products but also famous for its excellent scavenging.

Flowmaster produces both aluminized, and stainless-steel exhaust, so the bright side is its steel-bodied products also very durable and has a lifetime warranty. 

Still, the flaw is its aluminized tools are not strong against corrosion. And some customers find a downside that it produces less power. 

Magnaflow Vs Flowmaster Sound Comparison

After reading about the Magnaflow and Flowmaster, you may know whether you drive a truck, car or SUVs, you will get superb exhaust systems from both brands.  So, the confusing thing is which Exhaust will be best for your vehicle? 

Look at the chart below, here I have shown some comparison:

Features Magnaflow Flowmaster
Muffler-design Straight-through Chambered
Construction Stainless steel Both stainless steel and aluminum
Packing material Acoustic Packing material No Packing
Sound quality Deep and Loud Tuned 
Style Single or Dual Single or Dual

Now see the Magnaflow vs Flowmaster muffler details, the construction, and sound-cancelling technology are the main differences between them. Magnaflow mufflers come with a straight-through design with the stainless-steel acoustical packing material. 

Whereas Flowmaster mufflers have a chamber-style design that doesn’t require any acoustical packing; instead, they use metal plates for separating the sound waves. 

So, the meaning is, Magnaflow will take as long as 400 miles to settle into its normal sound, but the Flowmaster will give a consistent sound from the beginning. 

Now you decide which is quieter Magnaflow or Flowmaster?  Magnaflow produces loud Exhaust, on the contrary, Flowmaster makes a tuned exhaust, so choose your preferred one.

Finally, talking about the differences in scavenging effect, the first one produces more horsepower, where the second one gives relatively less power. 


Hopefully, you may now understand the differences between Magnaflow vs Flowmaster; both offer a great quality product.

But in the end, we can say if you want loud Exhaust to go for Magnaflow and who prefer tuned Exhaust, choose Flowmaster. Again, if you have VS truck, buy the Flowmaster, you need not even ask for which one will you shop.

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