5 Best Primewell Tires Review [The Ultimate Guide]

Are you looking for a tire that will save your pocket without sacrificing its quality? Primewell tires can be a great option as this brand has an array of choices to fit more than 5,400 vehicle models.

These are the ideal options for budget-conscious drivers who want to keep their lives moving and their pockets full. Purchasing any of the Primewell Tires, you are guaranteed the tire has gone through a rigorous process by qualified experts.

So, today I have narrowed down 5 tires to help you out! Please go through the Primewell tires review to choose the right one for you.

Here’re my top picked Primewell tires that you can buy in 2021:

1. Primewell Tires PS850 Touring Tire P235/75R15  – Great 15-inch Tire For Dry Season

2. NEW 17 INCH P255/65-17 PRIMEWELL VALERA H/T – Great 17-inch tire for SUVs and Light Trucks

3. Primewell PS850 P215/70R14 96S All Season Radial Tire – Great 14” tire for all-season passenger-car

4. Firestone Primewell Ps850 205/65R15 – 15” tire standard for summer

5. NEW 17 INCH P235/70-17 PRIMEWELL VALERA H/T – Great for midsize and small crossover vehicle

Are Primewell Tires Good?

The Primewell tires will definitely provide you a comfortable driving with good mileage. Again, it consumes less energy with the capacity of handling high speed. Moreover, it has equal force carcass along with Cap and Base tread designs. It is a combination of hard and soft bead fillers.

Furthermore, this is also facilitated with a stone ejector to reduce the penetration risks of the tire belt.

The sidewall protection ribs of the Primewell tire resist the accident on hazardous roads as well. You can get it in both Ex-Depth Solid Shoulder or Ex-Depth Open Shoulder as per your preference.

The tire specialists assess each tire for issues, track issues, and imperfections. Your Primewell tire is additionally has a scanner tag situated on the sidewall of the tire. You can likewise inquire as to whether your tire accompanies a guarantee or even be refunded if the warranty may not work so.

Primewell Tires: My Honest Review

I have analyzed dozens of tires based on aspects such as comfort, durability, outer and inner construction, cornering, noise, and more. Go through my recommended products to find the right one and thank me later.

1. Primewell Tires PS850 Touring Tire P235/75R15  – Great 15-inch Tire For Dry Season

The Indonesian manufacturers have made a tremendous tire with great traction. This tire will set your driving experience apart from others.

This P235/75R15 sized tire has a 235 mm section width, and 6.5 inches rim width. The load capacity is 2028 pounds. This one is suitable for narrower rims.

Looking for a dry season tire at a reasonable price? Go for this one. This one makes commuting comfortable and easy. This one also provides excellent performance regarding riding stability. However, a crack can develop in the lower sidewall after being used for several months.

? Pros:
  • Low price tag

  • All-season tread

  • Extended shoulder grooves

  • Offers quiet and smooth ride

  • Enhanced braking ability and traction

? Cons:
  • Tread life needs to be improved

2. NEW 17 INCH P255/65-17 PRIMEWELL VALERA H/T – Great 17-inch tire for SUVs and Light Trucks

This 17-inch tire Valera H/T is engineered for highway SUVs and light trucks. These all-season tires have a superior pattern design to provide exceptional handling and control in dry and wet conditions. However, these are not designed for sporty driving.

This model has a 255mm section width and 2205 pounds load capacity. These SUV and truck tires will give you an enjoyable driving experience.

Its new tread compound gives outstanding grip and maneuverability. The all-season tread design increases year-round performance with open-slotted shoulders.

The four circumferential ribs ensure comfort, stability, and maximum ride. If I talk about the dry traction, it is proportional to how fast you are going.

At moderate speed, the traction is great. We may feel a slight loss of steering feel at the upper reaches of the steering level. The optimized carcass tension enhances the excellent balance of dry and wet handling.

Its noise-canceling technology is there, but it needs improvement to reduce noise effectively for a comfortable and quiet ride.

? Pros:
  • Pleasing ride on uneven roads

  • Good traction and braking

  • Great efficiency on wet surfaces

  • Affordable

? Cons:
  • Somehow a bit noisy

3. Primewell PS850 P215/70R14 96S All Season Radial Tire – Great 14” tire for all-season passenger-car

The radial design of this Primewell PS850 is great for owners of small cars and minivans. These tires are great for commuting across all four seasons. But the traction is below-average in the snow.

This one has a 215mm section width with a 70 aspect ratio. The load capacity is around 1565 pounds. This radial tire option is for mid-size passenger cars.

The four extra-wide grooves around the circumference grip on the surface make sure superior water evacuation capacity.

Moreover, the wide shoulder grooves ensure that you are getting enough traction when turning around the corners.

You will not encounter squeaky sounds. You are getting a stable ride on the street and highway at this affordable price.

? Pros:
  • Affordable

  • All-season tread design

  • Provides stability on the roads

  • Safe and comfortable in wet conditions

? Cons:
  • Treadlife is average

  • Snow traction needs improvement

4. Firestone Primewell Ps850 205/65R15 – 15” tire standard for summer

If you are looking for a summer tire, the company has brought this. It features a jointless overlay construction, and this design is to experience less impact of the bumps on the road.

These come with wide shoulder grooves, deep sipes, biting edges, and lateral traction to ensure the safety of the passengers. The designs are for improving your miles per gallon.

The silica tread compound reduces the rolling resistance. The design also features to keep your ride comfortable. The contact may feel a vibration in the tires.

? Pros:
  • Enhances performance

  • Proper water evacuation

  • Good cornering stability

  • Offers lateral traction

? Cons:
  • You may encounter noise

5. NEW 17 INCH P235/70-17 PRIMEWELL VALERA H/T – Great for midsize and small crossover vehicle

When we are having a conversation about the Primewell tires, the Valera H/T will come again and again. This Valera H/T tire is designed for all-weather and all-season driving. You can be assured of a comfortable and quiet ride with a stable and sturdy tread design. This stellar tread block design also offers smooth handling.

This tire has a 235mm section width and 2205 pounds load capacity. It has a 108 load index rating with a 70 tire aspect ratio. The 17” tire is an excellent choice for your midsize and small crossover vehicle. However, you have to careful with them during the rainy season.

You can utilize up to a 65000-kilometer limited mileage warranty. And you have to keep in mind the limitation as there can be rapid tread wear.

? Pros:
  • Excellent handling

  • Reduces the noise

  • Maximum ride stability and comfort

  • Outstanding grip and maneuverability

  • Superior design with four circumferential grooves

? Cons:
  • Tread quality needs to be upgraded

Buying Guide of The Primewell tires

Primewell covers wide ranges of tires at a reasonable price. Anyone can stumble while choosing the best one for him if he doesn’t follow any guide. Here’s I am discussing the necessary considerations you’ve to make before purchasing one.

Tire Types

  • All-Season Tire

If you have a tighter budget, you can go for this to serve you throughout the year in all weathers. But they don’t have any special feature to work better in any specific season.

  • Summer Tires

Summer tires allow better handling on dry and wet surfaces. If you’re looking for better handling and happy to spend more money to buy complementary winter tires, go with this one.

  • Winter Tires

They are specially designed to perform well on snow and ice, having treads with larger gaps. They usually have a snowflake on the side.

Tire Label

It is important to understand the tire label, which indicates the necessary specifications (size, load index, speed rating). Let’s take the Tire label- “174/70R14 86S” and decipher it.

  • Size: The first number – 174, refers to the cross-section width (i.e. width from one sidewall to another excluding any raised letters or ornamentation) of the tire while unloaded. The second number here (70) denotes the ratio of the sidewall section height and width.

R means this is a radial tire. Radial tires dissipate heat better than non-radial ones, allowing the vehicle to go a longer distance with higher speed. Here, the number 14 determines the wheel rim in the inch which it is designed for.

  • Load Index: Load index refers to the load taking capacity of the tire, including the vehicle load. 86- in this case, is the load index. So if you need to carry heavy things with your vehicle, buy a larger index tire.

  • Speed Rating: The speed rating is denoted by the last letter in the label. The speed generally ranges from 99 mph to 186 mph.


The treadwear warranty implies durability by telling you the distance that you can cover with this tire. However, the distance also covers when the vehicle spends in a jam, keeping the engine on.

Temperature and Water Resistance

The temperature resistance is denoted by a temperature score that ranges from A to C (best to worst), and the water resistance is denoted by a traction score ranging from AA to C (best to worst).

Manufacture Date

You’ll find a 4 digit number on the sidewall of the tire. If it’s 2219, it means it was manufactured on the 22nd week of 2019. Don’t buy if the tire was manufactured more than 2 years ago.


Who Makes Primewell Tires?

These tires are made by Giti Company and are sold worldwide with all-weather type resistance and to grab rough roads. It makes more than 52,000 types of tires. Therefore, anyone can choose his proper tire within the affordable budget from Primewell, without sacrificing money.

Are Primewell tires noisy?

You may encounter a slight noise on the highways.


Primewell makes thousands of varieties of tires for your different type of vehicle. So, after going through the Primewell tires review, you are free to choose your demanding one beyond any limitation with decent quality.

Most importantly, 3.5 Million drivers across 130 countries own the road on a set of Primewell because of its flexibility to choose and use from a vast collection. From passenger car tires to truck tires, all sorts of tires are made by Primewell.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any further inquiries about Primewell.

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