Who makes Duralast batteries: Everything you need to know

Maybe you drive your own car or have a business that involves maintaining lots of vehicles. When it comes to car or truck batteries, we often switch brands and test how they perform in real life.

If you have already used Duralast batteries or planning to test one from the brand, I will be able to help you by answering the question, who makes Duralast batteries?

I have also gathered other valuable information to get an idea about the brand and its products. So, sit tight, have a 3-min read, and it would be worth your time. 

Are Duralast Batteries Any Good?

Duralast is a well-known car battery brand that is owned by AutoZone. The owner company also has several other brands, and they are popular for their qualities and performances. 

Now, to answer the question, I have to say that it depends. There are several grades of Duralast batteries according to their price point. For example, Duralast Gold or Max batteries are superior in terms of features and performance to the normal ones. Even the Elite series batteries are far better than some OEM ones. Moreover, the Platinum series features AGM batteries that come with a lifetime warranty. 

If you are willing to spend a good amount of money, you will get premium models from the brand. Otherwise, it won’t meet your expectation, and you will eventually blame the brand.

Who Makes Duralast Batteries For AutoZone?

Primarily, the Duralast and Duralast Gold batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls. But there are other manufacturers too who produce the products for AutoZone. Among them, East Penn and Exide are the notable ones. 

About The Manufacturer 

It is impossible to talk about all of the manufacturers of Duralast batteries. So, I have selected 3 companies that manufacture the majority of the total production across the US. 

Johnson Control

Among three, Johnson Controls manufactures most of the batteries under the Duralast brand and many others. It is an American Irish-domiciled multinational conglomerate that is not based in the United States. Their headquarter is in Ireland. 

They operate in 2000 locations spread across 6 continents and employs around 105,000 people all over the world. As of 2018, the company’s net income was 2.4 billion dollars. Now, you can understand how big they are.

However, the automotive battery business of Johnson Controls has been sold to another company named Brookfield Business Partners. After that, the new owner is trying to rebrand it as Clarios. From the time of acquisition to this date, Clarios is making more deals and penetrating the market with aggressive strategies and new technologies. So, you can confidently purchase Duralast batteries manufactured by Johnson Controls or Clarios.

East Penn

The renowned East Penn holds the record for the world’s largest single-site lead-acid battery facility. They manufacture a significant portion of the batteries for AutoZone. Unlike Johnson Controls, it is a privately-owned company.

For their reputation over the years, many people at East Penn manufactured batteries from Johnson Control. There are gel batteries among their production line, which are very expensive but have a reputation for being one of the best markets. Those who are not afraid of the cost must buy premium Duralast car batteries manufactured by East Penn.


It is a fact that Exide doesn’t make high-quality batteries like the East Penn. If you have budget issues, you can consider the ones from this manufacturer. 

What Are the Types Of Duralast Batteries Available?

Based on the material and price, there are several types of Duralast batteries. Let’s what are those with short descriptions so that you can decide the right type for your vehicle.

Duralast: These are the basic ones with less warranty period. The longevity, vibration resistance, CCA, and quick-start features of this battery are a good deal considering the price. 

Duralast Gold: If you are not satisfied with budget battery reviews, you can check out the Duralast Gold. It is heavier and comes with more lead plates, so vibration can’t decrease its performance or efficiency. Such batteries are the most suitable for vehicles with heating systems and infotainment arrangements. 

Duralast Platinum: The last and most expensive in the Duralast battery lineup is the Platinum version. These batteries use AGM technology, which has better sealing, improved vibration resistance, and versatile mounting position features. Starting your vehicle in very cold temperatures, you can rely on the Duralast Platinum batteries. 


Is Duralast battery a good brand?

Yes, Duralast is a good brand for batteries as the same manufacturer produces batteries for AC Delco.

Are Interstate Batteries better than Duralast?

If you consider availability, quality, and performance, Interstate batteries will be a better option than Duralast. 

Which battery is better Duralast or AutoCraft?

Both are made by Johnson Controls. So, you can choose any of them for cars or other vehicles.

How long do Duralast batteries last?

Duralast batteries last approximately 3 to 5 years. But several factors are responsible for the longevity of the battery.

Who sells Duralast batteries?

AutoZone sells Duralast batteries, and you can get them from a nearby shop.


People have been using batteries from Duralast for years. But the fact is that we don’t question who makes Duralast batteries very often. When the question popped into my mind, I started digging for some facts.

After I got the answers, I thought writing this article would help you know some interesting facts. If you have enjoyed it, leave a comment and ask me the questions that you wish to know the answers to. For more info about battery you can visit battery story