5 Best Honda GCV160 Spark Plugs: Reviews in 2022

Most of the time, the reason for not starting a small GCV160 engine is a bad spark plug. That is why I have decided to list and review the best Honda GCV160 spark plug manufactured by NGK.

The company makes OEM-quality parts without charging a lot. Several different models fit the dimensions of a GCV160 engine. Before starting the review, read your owner manual to know the compatible version number.

I have listed 5 Best Honda GCV160 Spark Plugs packages that include air filters alongside spark plugs. Replacing all those parts can increase the fuel efficiency and performance of the engine. So, let’s get started.

Best Honda GCV160 Spark Plugs: The Complete Review

NGK Spark Plug Co. Ltd. is a Japanese aftermarket parts manufacturer. All of the spark plugs reviewed here are from them. They are high-performing, fuel-efficient, and durable replacement parts.

Here is a quick list of the Best Honda GCV160 Spark Plugs.
  1. Genuine Honda OEM Spark Plug 98079-55846 – Recommended OEM-Matched Part for Honda GCV160. Known for performance, power efficiency, and reliability, good design.

  1. Honda 98079-56846 (BPR6ES) Small Engine Spark Plug – Reliable Spark Plug for General Purpose Engines. Good material, reliable build quality, efficient design.

  1. Honda 2 (Two) Genuine OEM 98079-56846 Spark Plug – Perfect for Those Who Have Several Machines. Package for the requirement of 2 same model spark plugs.

  1. Honda 17211-zl8-023 with BPR6ES Spark Plug – Set of Good-Quality Spark Plug with Air Filter. Efficient spark plugs and air filter for compatible engines.

  1. Harbot GCV160 17211-ZL8-023 Spark Plug – Complete Package with Air Filter, Pre-Filter, Fuel Filter, and Spark Plug. Good quality spark plugs with replacement filters

1. Genuine Honda OEM Spark Plug 98079-55846 – Recommended OEM-Matched Part for Honda GCV160

Anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties, premium ceramic insulator, highly conductive copper core, and triple seals are the reasons I like this spark plug. The manufacturer makes sure that one can rely on the performance of it.

As they are saying that the part matches GCV160’s OEM specification, you don’t have to adjust the Honda GCV160 spark plug gap. If you consider a model from other manufacturers, you may not have the benefit of easy installation.

Furthermore, I don’t doubt its durability because of its good build quality. The trivalent metal plating, corrugated ribs, pure alumina silicate insulator, and triple seals are responsible for the longevity.

Finally, I want to mention that the seller listed this product as a genuine Honda part which is not true. It is manufactured by NGK, a renowned engine parts manufacturer.

Summary: Installed Honda GCV160 engines in any machine or tool other than pressure washers are compatible with this spark plug. For overall quality, features, and pricing, I recommend this Honda GCV160 spark plug from NGK than its competitors. 

2. Honda 98079-56846 (BPR6ES) – Reliable Spark Plug for Pressure Washer Engines

There is a slight difference in the model number between my top pick and this one. The previous one is BPR5ES where this one is BPR6ES. So, what is the difference?

This spark plug is recommended for engines used in the pressure washers. If you don’t use the right one for the right engine, it will cause some problems.

Installing BPR6ES in an engine that is intended for the other models can cause premature fouling. So, check your owner manual, and choose the correct spark plug.

As I have already discussed the construction and features of the product above, I am not going to repeat those. The only fact to mention is that BPR6ES does not create as much heat as BPR5ES.

If you are wondering which one is good or bad, you will not get a clear answer. Because different engine applications require different temperature ratings.

Summary: Those who own pressure washers with Honda GCV160 engines should get this spark plug without any doubt.

3. Honda 2 (Two) Genuine OEM 98079-56846 – Perfect for Those Who Have Several Machines

As the title mentions, this listing is perfect for those who have multiple machines. Check the engine models and if they are in the compatibility list of the spark plug, you can order this pack of two.

The 98079-56846 Spark Plug is the same as the previous one. So, there is nothing much to say about it. Buying multiple items at the same time can save you up to 70 cents.

However, my calculations may appear wrong in the case of discount offers. So, check them out by clicking on the link and get the best online price.

Summary: These are also similar to the OEM parts of Honda GCV160 engines. So, don’t worry about the compatibility issues. 

4. Honda 17211-zl8-023 with BPR6ES – Set of Good-Quality Spark Plug with Air Filter


According to some experts and concerned users, having an extra air filter is a good thing. That is why I have listed this one despite having no differences in the spark plug model or


It is the same high-quality NGK part that fits GCV160 engines perfectly. The specification states that its height is ¾”, the length is 5-¼”, and width is 4-½”. Those measurements confirm that it is the same as the second product on the list.

Summary: If you have a push or walk-behind mower with a Honda GCV160 engine, you can buy the set.  

5. Harbot GCV160 17211-ZL8-023 – Complete Package with Air Filter, Pre-Filter, Fuel Filter, and Spark Plug

If you were also looking for a Honda gcv160 air filter, pre-filter, and fuel filter besides a spark plug, you should get this package. Those who have pressure washers or lawn mowers with GCV160 engines can consider this spark plug.


Installing all of the items, you will be able to notice a significant difference in the performance. Some even shared that they are so happy because the engine starts right after the first pull.

For the price, the quality is amazingly good. Despite some complaints about the items except the spark plug, there is nothing else to mention. Along with the GCV160, it also suits GC135, GCV135, GC190, GCV190, and GX100 engines.

Summary: For small engines, this is a great package with all the necessary replacement parts that are often required. It is convenient because you don’t have to search them individually, and can get a good deal. 

What to Consider While Buying a Honda GCV160 Spark Plug?

There are not many but a few things to consider, and I have described them below.


The first thing to do is to look for the owner manual or Google the model number of your machine or tool. Among the specifications of the Honda GCV160 engine, you will see a compatible spark plug number that is either BCPR5ES or BCPR6ES.

I have already mentioned the difference between them. The first one on the review list runs a bit hotter which is required by the machine. It means that the plug transfers heat slowly to avoid fouling. An interesting fact is that hotter engines or machines need colder plugs.


The gap in the spark plug nose is important because the combustion efficiency depends on it. The specific requirement for the GCV160 engine is a 0.9mm space.

If you buy a product from other companies that are not customized for such small engines, you will have to check the distance. In case of a mismatched gap, you will have to use a tool to adjust it. Otherwise, the combustions won’t be on time.

Additional Items

Finally, think about what additional items you might need for your Honda GCV160 engine. Lots of owners think that having an additional air filter is always useful. So, I have listed two listings that come with some helpful items.

Final Words

Keeping an extra air filter always comes in handy. That is why I have listed and reviewed Honda GCV160 spark plug models with filters. However, you can order only the plugs.

If your mower isn’t cutting grass as expected, it may be an issue with the engine. I know that changing the spark plug can solve the problem in lots of cases. My recommendation is to order from the list and improve the engine’s performance.

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